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Bringing Back The Real Schools

-Major project for "The Fun They Had" -advertisement for the restoration of real schools

geruine lim

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Bringing Back The Real Schools

Bring Back The REAL Schools! humans vs. technology getting ready for life Why stay at home when you can go to a special place for only you and your friends, where you can be together the whole day. Learning together, playing together, helping each other. You can do that in school, the REAL school, the old school. Let me show you why we should bring them back... get caught up socialization of children respect the past Before we had stay at home school with a mechanical teacher, we had a school building where kids gathered to learn and have fun. We had real teachers who taught us . We used textbooks for research and read books of all kinds to get a deeper meaning of the subject. Kids could help each other with homework and discuss about lessons. What happened to these schools? The schools that everyone knew, the schools that for centuries we, the people, went to. We should bring back the past. It's not only the past, but our lifestyles.
Do you remember the time when we woke up every morning, walking to our bus stop, meeting up with the neighborhood kids and talking about the teacher who always gave pop quizzes? Or the time when we couldn't wait for recess and running around the playground with our friends like crazy maniacs? Oh, and how could we ever forget when our classmates could help each other with homework. But, do you remember how all these people we interacted with in these little moments ended up being the best friends of our lives, because I sure did. And now our children can't have these same simple moments, because there are no real schools for it to happen in. Hey, what happened to Ms. Adamski, the awesome science teacher who barely gave us homework, or Ms. Ceaser the fabulous, young teacher who always laughed at our stupid but funny jokes? Oh yeah, they were replaced by our new mechanical teachers. You can't be taught by humans anymore since they're not as smart as technology.
Let me just say something about this, if it weren't for humans there wouldn't be any technology. Sure they're more quick and and fit in with the contemporary styles we like today, but us humans made them like that. Technology can only do as much as we can make them do. We are the ones with limitless imagination and brains! And you say we aren't smart enough! Well, I say we've got more than what's enough.
If you go to school by yourself, at home with no classmates, how are you gonna celebrate the time when your class graduates out of high school into college, then from college into the real world? What will happen to the grand graduation ceremonies when your parents cry tears of joy and your class throwing their hats in the air? These celebrations get us ready for the real world. They let us have the last moments of our lives, being with our friends and teachers. The teachers who gave us the knowledge and skills to be successful in life, and the friends who supported us no matter what. Without real schools we wouldn't experience these great memories that everyone should have. What everyone in the past did have.
Do you get it now? Bring back the real schools.
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