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Chapter 1: A First Look at Communication

No description

Jose Rivera

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 1: A First Look at Communication

Chapter 1
A First Look at Communication
Personal Life
George H. Mead (1934) said that humans are talked into humanity.
Research shows that communication with others promotes health.
Personal Relationships
Communication is a foundation of personal relationships and the key part to successful relationships
We connect with others by sharing personal information and solving problems
Communication can also play a role in destructive relationship patterns

Professional Life
Communication skills are essential to career success and advancement
Organizations list communication as vital to their long term success.
Employers want employees to be able to communicate effectively
Relevance of Comm
Occurs from moment we arise until we go to bed

Days are filled with communication challenges

You can never not communicate!

Communication is relevant to every aspect of your life
Why Do We Study Communication?
To improve your Personal Life
To improve your Personal Relationships
To improve your Professional Life
To improve Civic Life
If you understand it, you can practice how to be better at it.

Breakdown in Comm
Clear Comm.
Civic Life
To participate in a democratic society we need to be able to listen, speak, and deliberate with others
Communication helps us interact with people whose background is different from our own
Defining Communication
A systemic
in which people interact with and through
to create and interpret

Communication is a process
It is ongoing and dynamic
It’s hard to tell where communication starts and ends
Comm as a System
Communication takes place within systems
Interrelated parts that depend on one another
Family, workplace, team
Context affects the system
The history of the system will affect comm.
Systems vary on how open they are
Systems seek a state of homeostasis
Comm is Symbolic
Symbols are abstract representations of other things
How is love symbolized?
Comm has Meaning
Meanings are the significance we bestow upon phenomena
We use symbols to assign meanings
2 levels of meaning
Content level meaning
Relationship level meaning
Models of Communication Process
Linear Model of Comm.
Describes Comm as a one way process.
Interactive Models of Comm
Feedback is added to the linear model to show a circular flow of communication
Transactional Model of Comm.
Considers communication as simultaneous, takes into account noise/interference and the situation/context

Laswell (1948), Shannon & Weaver (1949).
Schramm (1955)
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