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MGT3100 Project: Starting A Restaurant

No description

Shawn McHugh

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of MGT3100 Project: Starting A Restaurant

Option #1: Denny's Diner Option 3: Anytime Pizza Option #2: Cheeseburger Bobby's The Kennesaw Area Population: 29,783
8.5 sq. miles
Kennesaw State University
I-575 KSU Area 24,600+ Students
2,145+ Staff- They gotta eat too.
384 Acres Challenges to Pizza Restaurant What are some of the main challenges you face with this particular business?
Good managers
Finding good employees. Keeping them motivated.
Food costs
Good marketing
Pricing: "Its hard to sell a $ 22 pizza when every fast food pizza chain markets $ 5 or $ 10 pizza... But our loyal customers keep us in business." Starting A Restaurant Three restaurant options
One new restaurant concept
Near campus Requirements: Thank You! Group 10 Adrian Simonis
Shawn McHugh
Austin Cole
Natalie Perez
Lacey Dame The Denny's Diner Breakdown: The Anytime Pizza Breakdown: The Cheeseburger Bobby's Breakdown: Basics Burger joint (Obviously)
Founded in 2007 by two brothers; the Stoll brothers Competitive Advantage Fresh ingredients
Not frozen
Made to order
Burger bar choices The Downside Competition near KSU
Burger King
High Franchise Cost
Proximity to the location Location Help from franchise for location. Competitive Advantage You can have pizza any time the hunger strikes!
Low prices due to limited business costs
Near a 24 hour Kroger
Increases security
Known location for 24 hour consumers. Basics Entirely new restaurant concept
Open 24/7
Pizza, water, soft drinks , iced tea only
Small eat in/Delivery or carry-out
Small seating indoors & Outdoors Location Location: Wade Green Business Park
Near a 24 hour Kroger
Increases security
Known location for 24 hour consumers. The Downside Competitors
Little Caesars
Pizza Hut
Mellow Mushroom
Star Pizza
Peace, Love, and Pizza
Big Pie in the Sky Pizza
Don't always know what to expect
Not at customers' front of mind yet. Will require large kick-off marketing campaign. Basics A national chain of 24 hour diners that serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Competitive Advantage Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert 24/7.
Affordable Location Chastain Road Negatives Competition
Waffle House
Cracker Barrel (Up 'til 10pm or so) Franchise Costs
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