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The Art of Foley in Film

No description

Rikki Heyman

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Art of Foley in Film

What is Foley?
Philip Rodrigues Singer defines it simply as "Capturing every audible nuance of an actor's movement , [...] toil to recreate reality and make it sound better."
Sound Effects
Way to add sound to animated films and recapture sound lost in recording live action.
The Art of Foley in Film
How is it done today?
Create sounds lost in filming
Layers of recorded sound
each layer is edited and added to final cut seperatly and enhanced to match scene environment
How has it changed?
The Technology Age
Basic Sound Recording
1877-Thomas Edison-Tin Foil Phonograph-primitive sound recording.
The idea of sound with pictures came before film itself
1887- Friese-Greene-British film pioneer- contacted Edison proposing collaboration on developing synchronized sound films(Ulano prg 19)
1895-First motion picture camera is patented
with the invention of the motion picture camera came the first films made available to the public
From "Silent" to Today
1895-1929:Silent Era
Idea and attempts but no success with sound in film the 20th Century.
Most "silent films" weren't silent-I.E sound WITH film
Sycronized Speech in Film
First feature length talkie (
The Jazz Singer
) 1927.
Most films featuring sound were shorts and included only music and effects.

Foley in Live Action
Foley is used in live action films to recreat the sounds that aren't captured in the filming process.
Different than animation: working with the sounds already recorded
Foley in Animation
Blank Slate
Make every sound
more imagination
how does it effect the final product??
More and better recording technology
Best efforts to layer sounds that
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Work Cited
Musical Film
photographed broadway shows
Musical Melodrama
history of modern musical
film producers lear public interest
Noise/Natual Sound
Used even in early film
Door closing, telephone ring
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