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The Montgolfier Brothers and The Hot-Air Balloon

School's Project

Solana Cheng

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of The Montgolfier Brothers and The Hot-Air Balloon

The Montgolfier Brothers and The Hot-Air Balloon
What is a hot-air balloon?
The Montgolfier Brothers
The Montgolfier brothers were born in France and they were the first people to invent the first hot-air balloon. As boys, they started to dream about making hot air balloons. First, they made small ones with toy people. As they grew older, so did their dream! The first passengers to ride on their first real hot-air balloon were a sheep, a duck and a rooster. The brothers thought they created Helium which is lighter than air, but as you will see, they accomplished something else.
Envelope: The bigger the envelope, the more weight it can lift.
By: Solana (a.k.a Soso) and Kira

Hot-air balloons are huge balloons that can fly. When hot air rises into the envelope, it will start to rise into the air. Passengers are located in the basket underneath the balloon/envelope. Also, hot-air balloons were meant for traveling through air.
The one on the left is Joseph-Michel Montgolfier and the one on the right is Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier
Interesting Facts
In 1997, there were only 2 people that died in a hot-air balloon accident.
As we explain the hot-air balloon is a very interesting contraption to learn about. And if you have a chance to ride in a hot-air balloon one day, think about how much trouble the Montgolfier brothers went through to make this possible for us.
Thank you for listening to us! Hope you learned lots of interesting facts about the Montgolfier Brothers and their invention, the " Hot-air Balloon."
How do Hot-air Balloons fly and land?
Parts of the Hot-air balloon
Did you know that hot-air balloons can be used as weapons during war? They can be very dangerous.
Skirt: The skirt provides a good path for the hot air so that it releases the least amount of air.
Gas burner: The gas burner heats the air inside the envelope, so the air rises.
Basket: To hold passengers, gas cylinders and flight instruments.
Vijaypat Singhania was the first person to brake the world record for the highest hot air balloon. The record was 68'986 feet!
If hot air (from the gas burner) rises into the envelope, the balloon will start to rise into the air. Do you know why hot air balloons only use hot air and not cold air? Well hot air rises above cold air. If you were to put a Kleenex on top of a fire, it would start to rise. That is how the Montgolfier brothers started to make hot-air balloons by throwing a Kleenex on top of a fire place!
How you can make a working hot air balloon!
You need a parent to help you.
First you cut a square of aluminum foil and attach four candles, by melting the candles to the aluminum foil.
Then you make a cross out of straws.
Get a huge plastic bag.
Finally you tape everything together.
You can use a thread to hold onto the balloon
so it doesn't get too high. Sometimes it doesn't work, because the candles might be to heavy, so you might have to cut them in half. Also, it might not work because of the straws, so you might have to use lighter straws, or you can cut the edges of the straws a little bit.
Make sure you have a bowl of cold water and a fire extinguisher, in case by accidentally, it might cause fire.
The Montgolfier brothers were inspired by clouds and wanted to fly against them. They thought big, and constructed a hot-air balloon. After that, they used force from the fire to let the hot-air balloon rise. Their first public demonstration was June 4th 1783. Also, on November 21st 1783, was their first manned balloon flight. The segments were sealed together by over 2000 buttons! The 1st Montgolfier brother's hot-air balloon was in 1783. The name of their first hot-air balloon was called "The Montgolfiere". It lifted up to 6572 feet in the air. On January 19 1784, they made a huge hot-air balloon and it carried at least 7 passengers, to 3000 feet, over the city of Lyan.
Did you know that the first hot-air balloon was held together by over 2000 buttons!
This is what the Montgolfier brother's first hot-air balloon looked like.
The way how they land, is that they turn the gas burner lower. On the sides of the basket, it should have at least 2 bags of sand. Don't release the sand out of the bag, or else you would start to rise higher in the air.
Light pink=Skirt
Light purple= Gas burner
Ropes: The ropes are attached to the basket and balloon to hold them in place.
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