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mid - term report


Taha gargum

on 18 March 2010

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Transcript of mid - term report

Country Comparisons Population and Geography Japan
127,078,670 France
64,057,792 643,427sq km
3,374 sq km of water 364,485 sq km
13,430 sq km of water Road ways, airports, railways France
297 airports
29,213km railways
915,500km road ways Japan
176 airports
23,506km railways
1,196,999km roadways Hosting the Summer olympics 1964 - 18th Olympiad - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo, Japan
1900 - 2nd Olympiad - II Olympiad - Paris, France 1924 - 8th Olympiad - VIII Olympiad - Paris, France 1940 - 12th Olympiad - XII Olympiad - Cancelled, World War II (Scheduled for Tokyo, Japan. Then re-scheduled for Helsinki, Finland & cancelled a 2nd time 1964 - 18th Olympiad - XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo, Japan
Hosting the winter olympics 1924 - Chamonix, France
1940 - Cancelled due to World War II (Scheduled for Sapporo, Japan. Then re-scheduled for Garmisch-Partenkirchen & cancelled a 2nd time) 1972 - Sapporo, Japan
1992 - Albertville, France 1998 - Nagano, Japan
Communications France
59.259 million phones
42.912 million
internet users Japan
47.579 million phones
90.91 million
internet users Unemployment rate France
9.7% 2009
7.4% 2008 Japan
5.6% 2009
3.992% 2008 Government Japan
a parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy France
republic Legal system France
civil law system with indigenous concepts; review of administrative but not legislative acts; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction Japan
modeled after European civil law systems with English-American influence; judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations Leadership Japan
Prime Minister Yukio HATOYAMA France
Prime Minister Francois FILLON Thank- you
for watching Sources
http://www.harveyabramsbooks.com/hostcities.html, https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ Made by Taha Gargum 8A Media Literacy Knowing whats Bias Thinking bias 30 days Renaissance Who affected it? Why where the dark ages
Dark? What caused it?
Japan Buddhism Shintoism Confucianism Why do they belive in? Unamed sources Colorful language Opinons One sided statments etc. We did a radio project about how to show you know bias by making a bias news report SiCKO We watched SiCKO a movie about
USA's health care and it problems
then we had a essay about how it was bias and what you think about it. We watched it to show how life was on minimum wage
and before that we played a game called star power
and it all affected me in the same way sicko and 30 days it took i view of the world which I didnt think of. People who where sick of
the dark ages and started having ideas
on how to do it and the church
said that we do not need to change Leonardo da Vinci
Galileo Galilei
Nicolaus Copernicus
and many more We did a boat project and we had figure out what the early explorers had to face and see what to do about it. We also watched two movies one called Knights Tale it was about the dark age and what the people had to do for fun another one was new world that was about the explorers and how they interacted with the natives. Shintoism is the Japanese belief that nature should be respected and celebrated on festivals it mixes well with Buddhism Is a belief system in most of Asia and it is about seaching for your inner perfect self and Budda Is based on the Chinese philosopher Confucias and he says that you should respect your superiors We also watched a documentary about Japan it was called the Lonley Planet Japan and the Last Samurai and Gung Ho Who invented Bushido?
Why did they invent it?
Was it for good or bad reasons? How where the king and queens invented?
Why did they rebel so much?
Why wasnt there any reseach in weapons?
Did greek still have the olympics did they stop them?
What would have happened if it didnt happen? Why do they call it bias?
why is media literacy so important?
Now that we are in the health care reform are we still having problems? My opinon on the unit Well learning bias good but I wish I could learn more about bias we stuck on a few when some news channels do more The Renaissance was major part in time in my view because the church didnt let us do anything and yet people still did it. If it didn't happen we would still be living in the dark ages. We still haven't finshed it yet but I love it when we learn about another culture because we can take some of that knowledge and use it to make a better culture for ourselves. we made daruma dolls and we had to make a goal and said that we should finsh it by the end of the year and also a project about japan and we and johnny did japanese festivals. What i've learned so far •In the first day of classes Mr. Bower taught us his new way of teaching no marks no homework just learning.
•In science we’ve started by watching planet earth videos for our water then later discovered we had to do a A-Z project about water and it was about animals, places, and things that all had to do something about water
For each letter, then we started learning about matter and chemicals then we got pick or make our own experiments know we are learning about periodic table of elements
•Mr. Bower also found the free-forums which the more quiet student can express their opinions more better
•In LA we made non-fiction paragraph like sea biscuit, Monsters Inc., and a fiction one Sahara which was more like a short story and red Star war novels, and after that we had choice on what we red and I picked the book of Negroes, when I finished that book we made poster on what influenced our reading then Mr. Bower gave me a book called rainbow 6 and I am reading pg. 123
•Mr. Bower Took us on lots of field trips around red deer like the red deer river, and the water tower
•Mr. Bower just recently unlocked face book, twitter and YouTube which has increased social networking we are the first school to unlock these so we have to use to school type advantages.
•I’m working on a reading project right now and its rainbow HQ
•I’m trying to use Google sketch it can be confusing
My learning Science LA In science we have started a new unit and it bases on life like what is life and how do we define it, then we made a poster called "is fire alive" to start the unit off. We started WW2 in LA, and to start us of we showed our thinking in WW2 articles, Before that we started watchin NING
Free forums
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