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Women in Fifth Business

No description

Natalia Tkacz

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Women in Fifth Business

Every character in a novel has a purpose for the plot as well as for the protagonist. In this case, the four women that will be discussed have an important role not only throughout the novel but in Dunstan's life as well.

Four Women:
Mary Dempster
Leola Cruickshank
Diana Marfleet
Liesl Vitzliputzli
By Natalia Tkacz
I don't know if you want two slides, if you don't then just delete it or something ;) ;)
Mary Dempster
By Jessica Kehoe
The Caring Nurse: caring, nurturing
She has given him all her attention from the start - she has been taking care of him throughout the duration of his coma, as well as after he has awakened.
Diana taught him how to walk again with great patience - first with a crutch and later with an artificial leg and a cane.
Diana fed and washed him as well.
She had regarded him as her own creation - referring to page 76.

The Shrew: nagging, bothersome, wife or mother
Diana reminded Dunstan about his eating habits and behaviour. "...she was too much of a mother to me, and as I had had one mother, and lost her, I was not in a hurry to acquire another..." (81).
Diana Marfleet Archetypes
By Natalia Tkacz
The Sacred Feminine: "the figure of a woman who resembles the Virgin Mary"(Carl Gustav Jung)
Mary Dempster performed 3 "miracles"
-She brought Willie back to life
-She appeared to Dunny on the battle fields
-Changed the life of a tramp
“He was very civil [...] he wanted it so badly.” (Page 48)

Mary Dempster resembles the Virgin Mary through her sacred and generous acts. When Mary slept with the tramp it wasn't for her own pleasure but for the good of the tramp.After the affair with the tramp, the tramp turned his life around and spent his life dedicated to the needs of others.
This miracle demonstrates Mary Dempster best as The Sacred Feminine.

Mary Dempster
in Fifth Business
By Bryn Brown
Leola Cruickshank
Leola Cruickshank Archetypes
By Bryn Brown
The Maiden: purity, desire, holy, naive
"Of course he thinks the sun rises and sets in Leola" (95)
Virgin till marriage
Naive; thinks Boy truly loves who she is
Also ignores that he cheats on her
Stays with Boy although he bullies her

The Child: innocent, youth, inexperienced
Leola knows nothing about the world around her
she is not independent
Pushover; cannot stick up for herself
By Jessica Kehoe
Diana was a volunteer who got proper nurse training but never acquired the personality of a nurse.
She is twenty-four years old; four years older than Dunstan.
She was very pretty (fair-skinned, dark-haired, brown eyed) and had a charm, an easy manner and talked amusingly - she thought that if you were serious and factual, you were bad mannered.
Her fiance, a Navy lieutenant, had passed away during the war.
She taught Dunstan what the physical side of love was - referring to page 78.
She told Dunstan to change his name - page 85.
Diana was "in love" with Dunstan, however, he only "loved" her - referring to page 86.
Diana expected an engagement and marriage, while Dunstan wanted a life of his own.
She told Dunstan that he needs to find his inner devil - eventually meets his inner devil - Liesl.
Diana Marfleet
By: Tanya Moreira
Liesl, by Dunstan, is described to be “the ugliest human creature” he has ever seen.
Man-like women with a enlarged jaw and deformed body.
She is a friend and partner of Eisengrim, in which she is known as the Brazen Head in their magic performance.
“She was tall, straight, and obviously very strong, but she had big hands and feet, a huge, jutting jaw, and a heaviness of bone over the eyes that seemed to confine them to small, very deep caverns. However, her voice was beautiful and her utterance was an educated speech of some foreign flavour.” (192)
Liesl appears to be Dunstan’s go-to.
He finds comfort in unloading the burden he has been carrying with him along with his life events and relationship/drama with Mary Dempster, Leola and Boy with her.
Liesl Vitzliputzli
Most beautiful and popular woman in Deptford
Boy and Dunny are both interested in her, but she marries Boy
She is shallow
She was nothing more than a prize to Boy, as he tried to change her to become his "perfect" wife
Her character never developed
Her role as a character was to show the friendship between Dunny and Boy, as Boy tries to make Dunny jealous
Not good enough for Boy
Before she tried to commit suicide, she confessed her love for Dunny
Contrast of Boys second wife Denyse
By Tanya Moreira
Liesl’s archetype is that she is a devil figure. Although Liesl may not seem to be a devil and some may be fooled by her innocent and kind way of helping Dunstan self-discover himself and let go of her past, she is still the devil.
Liesl had also done something that the devil would do which is temptation.
Liesl had tempted Dunstan in which he refused.
Another obvious reason is that her last name literally means devil.
Liesl brings up the reference of her last name which cannot be for any other reason other than the fact that she is the devil.
“Do you know what my name really means, Liselotte Vitzliputzli? It sounds so funny, but one day you will stumble on its real meaning.” (213)

Liesl Vitzliputzli Archetype
Mary Dempster the wife of Amasa who is the town's Baptist priest.
Mary Dempster is viewed as a kind lady, a adulterer to the town`s people, a person who has gone simple and sums up to be unfit for the role of the minister`s wife.
In the eyes of Dunny she is viewed as a saint.
Dunny views her as a saint because of her three miracles; She saved Willie when he had “died” of illness, she appeared to him on the battle field through a Mary statue and she changed the life of the tramp by sleeping with him.
The snowball incident creates a bond between Mary Dempster and Dunstan Ramsay that is not broken throughout her entire life.
Mary Dempster is the reason that Dunstan’s childhood was taken away, because of the snowball he felt guilty for her going simple.
Throughout the novel Mary Dempster is helpless and a burden she needed to be cared for by many people, first by Amasa, then Dunstan’s mother and most of all by Dunny who visited her weekly and took on full care for her and responsibility.

By Natalia Tkacz
I don't know if you want two slides, if you don't then just delete it or something ;) ;)
Mary Dempster
The Mother- feeding, nurturing, and soothing

A mother figure would describe how Dunny feels towards Mary Dempster.
Dunny took care of Mrs Dempster till she was old as if she were his mother.
“made her carry the affection [he] should have spread among fifty people.”
This archetype truly shows how Dunny views Mrs Dempster and what role she plays in his life.

The Fool Saint-one who seems to be a saint, but in reality, does not display the prudence enough to be one.(http://fifthbusinessanalysis.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/archetypes/)
Mary Dempster is one of these people, one who cares, one who tries to do good when and where possible,is kind and has a compassion to others but does not show prudence in their actions. Mary Dempster does good, seems sacred and holy but does not qualify as a saint. Mary to Dunny is viewed as his own personal saint.

By: Tanya Moreira
Liesl is like a guide for Dunstan to go into the "dark shadows of his soul".
She tells him that he is fifth business and he is suffering from the “revenge of the unlived life” which helps him find his role and self-discovery in the world.
She tells him that for him to become whole he needs to “shake hands with the devil” (213) and embrace his dark side.
“You should take a look at this side of your life you have not lived.” (213)
“…Do you know who I think you are, Ramsay? I think you are Fifth Business.” (213)
Liesl plays an important role in shaping up Dunstan’s life and helping him finally self-discover himself, for without her, Dunstan probably would have held onto the guilt for the rest of his life.
Liesl Vitzliputzli Continued
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