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When Do Kids Become Adults?

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Emily Shoemaker

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of When Do Kids Become Adults?

When Do Kids Become Adults?
Some people might say 21 is when kids become adults because:
brain scientists have researched and found that the brain matures around the early 20's
the drinking age is 21
there are driving restrictions on people under this age:
*under 21, you can't drive past a certain hour
*driver's licenses for people under 21 are vertical while over 21 are horizontal

When Do Kids Become Adults?
By: Ryan Flickinger & Emily Shoemaker
Our Opinion
We believe that children become adults at
age 18
. Many responsibilities and privileges are given to people of this age, like the ability to vote and smoke tobacco. 18 is the perfect age because people are mature, 16 is too young and 21 is too old.
Why Not 21? Why 18?
18 year olds can join the military
18 year olds are trusted with the responsibility to vote
18 year olds choose where they want to go in life (college,career,etc.)
18 year olds generally leave their homes to start a life of their own
**Basically, 18 year olds are free to do everything that adults can besides consume alcohol**
If at 18, people are trusted with so much responsibility, they are mature enough to be called adults. They can risk their lives to join the military, but they aren't allowed to have a drink? If 18 is too young to be mature adults, then why are they allowed to do so many things without a parent or guardian? These are just some of the many reasons why kids become adults at 18 years old.
Why 18?
teenagers can watch R-rated movies at 17
teenagers can buy and smoke tobacco at 18
teenagers can get tattoos without parent permission at age 18
teenagers can drive with a license at age 16
teenagers can get a permit or license w/o parent at age 18

*16 is too young because kids at this age have just begun to mature and have just started to drive. They don't have experience with the "grown up" decisions that 18 year olds face
18 is the age that people have matured and had experiences with some of the following situations:
("What the Brain Says About Maturity")
("What the Brain Says About Maturity" and "Better Training for New Drivers")
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