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April Raintree

No description

Katelin Stanley

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of April Raintree

In Search of
April Raintree:
Timeline Plot Assignment

Unit 1: Innocent and Fosters.

I believe the theme of the novel is divided into three major themes, and the firth theme (chapters 1-8) and about innocent and experience, and how the girl are exposed to two completely different world views and perspectives on Mites and Native people, and how they are succeeding with academic issues.
Unit 2: Love, Life and Work
Unit 3: Tragedy and Maturity.
April is 24 years old when the introductory is taking place, she talks about her first few memories of childhood and her early life, originally from the Norway House, Manitoba. Her family shortly moves to Winnipeg after her father contracted Tuberculosis when she was a young girl, and this is where the story takes place.
April is placed with the older girls, and is told to memorize the words of the bible and goes to school, it is here when she up upgrades from grade.2 to grade3, after awhile April is placed with a family called the De'Rosiers, who fake kindness in front of the social workers but
treats April as a slave when she is alone, they m
ake April be
ashamed of being native and the
De'Rosier children make
the other student laugh and

April on the bus and in the classroom. April soon finds ways to put aside the fact shes native and tried hard to convert herself as a white. soon later she get an unexpected visitor.
Rumors are flying and friendless, April ignore everything and is doing extremely well in school, summertime rolls along and goes by and April is now in Grade 10, Jenifer and the teachers all apologize to April for believing the rumors,the girls get a new case worker named "Mr.Wendell", he inspects the house and request April get removed from the De'Rosiers custody immediately and arrangements are quickly made for April to attend St.Bernadettes Academy School,spring break is here and April stays with Cheryl at the
April and Bob reach Toronto, Bob give April a tour of there her new 'mansion', few months go by and Christmas is around the cor
ner and Bob
convinces April t
o invite
Cheryl, April hesi
tated on the
invite because sh
e is afraid
what Mother Su
perior would
say when she find
s out April
is half indian,
Cheryl arrives
and Mother Superior plays nice, April is shock
ed on her
After admitting the truth on her parent and saying another good bye to Cheryl, April remains in Toronto where she continues the married life, Bob and his Mother were co-workers and owners of a large company, so they were busy with one
another most the time, at one of the many
parties Mother Radcliff ho
sted, she was then introduces by Mother
Superior to an actress nam
ed Heather, whom Mother Superior
fantasied, feeling more alo
ne then ever, April spend her days in her
room reading books and b
oating and relaxing, who one day over heard
Heather and Mother Supe
rior talking in the garden from her balcony

on page 99 "
So I would
like to get straight to the point, is the affair
with you and Bob serious or are you just
toying around with him
" the
voice belonged to Mother Radcliff.
"of course its serious
" replied heather. April filed for a divorce and stayed in a hotel room on advice from a divorce lawyer, while in her hotel room, she get a phone call from Winnipeg hospital in regards of Cheryl. April worried and scared, flies back to Winnipeg to be with Cheryl.
I could go and get your things for you, Just tell me the address and I could go tonight. then you could come stay at the hotel for now until we get a permanent place
" page 109
After the car speeds away April runs to the nearest farmers, who let her inside and allowed her to phone the cops and gave a statement, the girls ate both staying in Aprils hotel for another month soon after they find a house in the papers, April goes to handle her real estate trans action at her old boss, Mr.Lord, she run into an ex co-workers and they soon start seeing one another. It is now march and the girls move into their' new house, April was reading the papers and and seen a picture of one of her Rapists on the News on the televisions, she phones the police and concludes a new statement, is currently attending her assault case after she files for court, after the court the trial was post phoned, allowing the girls enough time to attend an 'Indian Pow-Wow.
After attending the Indian Pow-Wow, April notices that Cheryl starts making more appearances around the house, Cheryl one day invites April to tag along with her to the Friendship Center and it left speechless when an elder woman named White Thunderbird Women leave a message after the looks April "
Her gaze held mine for I saw in her eyes that deep simple words of wisdom of which Cheryl had spoken
" page 140.

Cheryl returns to her old friendly proud Metis self, April admits to Roger about her involvement on the rape trial called "The Queen vs. Donnelly, after a few witness testified, a conclusion has been made stating that Cheryl Raintree, was a know prostitute which was how April got tied into the "mishaps" in the first place,by mistakes identity. the trial had been post phoned till tomorrow morning, Cheryl gives April a confussed look and walks away, that night April stayed home alone and went to court with not a single sign on Cheryl.

Cheryl is
4 years old
after the introductory has
taken place, she is

on April from an
early age, her and
April are on their way home
form the park when they
notice two cars
parked in front of the house with blue lights. Social services then take the Girls to a catholic orphanage, and there the girls are then placed into two different age groups.
yl :
Cheryl is soon adopted and is living with a nice family
called the Dion's, they are
friendly people and it is here cheryl begins to learn an
d understand the histories of
Metis and indian people, seeing how the natives are a
beautiful people, the the Dion's give Cheryl the option to remain living with the Dion's or with to move with April, Cheryl chooses to live with April unaware of how they treat her, Cheryl goes there and then acts stubborn and refuses to let people bring down the native images, Cheryl is quick to respond to the first sign of "false stories of indians" and start a disturbance, the De'Rosiers cut off April and Cheryl's long black hair and send Cheryl to live with another family named the Steindalls.
April Raintree in a novel by Beatrice Culleton, which is based opoun two Metis girl, April and Cheryl Raintree, April who could easily 'pass' and white, and Cheryl as an Native, the girls are soon places in series of foster homes and experience different life and financial issues through out ther lives. Innocent and foster homes, life and work, life and death, tragedies and new beginings.
Here is where the girls start to slowly get there own perspective on the world and how the shape there attitudes towards society, Cheryl soon discovers a deep passion for Metis history and April is still despising the fact of being Metis, April is now in grade 9 and rumors are flying around the school about April being an "easy native" and the students and staff are believing them, Aprils only friend stops taking to her, and now April is lonelier than ever, Cheryl however is in grade 7.
Cheryl's new life living with the Steindall is a nice one, she lives on a farm and is taught riding lessons and is given a horse for riding, the girls are still writing letters, Cheryl is also doing well in school and is doing essays on Buffalo Hunting and Native hero's, in one of the letters Cheryl states how she dislikes white folks due to history, she questions April on page 63 saying "
Nothing those tribes did to each other matches what the whites have done to them. Whoa, Now, you probably don't agree with me do you April
" Cheryl is still proud of being a Metis and is excited when April decides to visit for the spring break, April returns to St.Bernedettes Academy, (another catholic school) April is quickly to make friends.
After Spring break, April has returned to the Academy, she quickly makes new friends and she accept the fact that they all think shes straight white, April pretend her parent die in a crash, summer time April takes a summer job and leave Cheryl alone, Cheryl writes April saying how much April had hurt her feelings, April continues in school and goes on to graduate, she quickly accept a job as a secretary for an estate lawyer. April is no longer a foster child and is free Free, FREE!
Unit 2 theme I believe is "Love, Life, and Work", in this unit (chapters 8-12) April has completed grade 12, she is now independent and works at a law estate office as a secretary, she soon starts her romance life, and Cheryl soon moves in with April and slowly developes her own life, aswell.
now free and living on her own, April start her new life, she soon begins to realize that the independent life is rather boring, so with paper research by Mr.Wendell, April has a list of name and addresses to the where about on her parents, she arrives to a small house and April explains who she is and why shes there, the lady who answered smiles and pulls April inside, in the kitchen April looks around the place. What she sees makes April feel uneasy, filth and germs and flies, everything April learned to dispise of about natives, disgusted, April excuses her self and apologizes for the short visit, April tried her best to forget her parents and every memory of them. back to focusing on her work, April then soon meets a man named Bob Radcliffe and soon starts a relationship with Bob unaware of how wealthy he really is,furthermore, three months down the road Bob purposes to April and wed July 25th, 1969. April soon moves to Toronto to meet Bobs mother.
Cheryl quickly finishes school and graduates with honors at 17, Legal aid is helping her pay her University and she hope to become a social worker to help other native kids in foster homes, Cheryl start hanging out at the Friendship Center and befriends all the 'typical indian', Cheryl does not agree with Aprils decision about the proposal, she even tells April on page 85 "
you'll probably go over there and pass yourself off as white, won't you? you're not going to tell anyone who and what you are!
" after the wedding, April boards the plan while saying good bye and promise Cheryl she'll always be there for her, on page 86, April quote "
Cheryl smile but slightly, for a younger sister she was so wise, what was it that made us so different, even though we were real sisters"
So here the girls are saying good bye to one another and April is off to move to another city a newly wedded bride, she met Bobs mother, who reminded April of her of one of the nuns from the orphanage, Mother Superior, April decided to call her Mother Radcliff for the rest of the Novel, Mother Radcliffe is known for a hostess for house socials, and is well known in the upper wealthy society of Toronto. the girls start writing each other like they did when they were younger, however the letters become less and less frequent, and the girls become more and more distant.
She arrives at Aprils new house in Toronto , and doesn't like all the painted on smiles that the Radcliffs seem to have, she asked April in private conversation on page 92. "
you really like this new life styles of yours? I mean, deep down honestly, you like associating with these rich snobs
" April snaps back explaining she loves her new life style and how she has no intentions of changing it, also admitting she tried searching for her parents, Cheryl forgot about the dispute and was focus on the new topic of their parents, April explains how she didn't like what she found, about the filth, germs and the flies. Cheryl who was still naive about her parents drinking problem, Cheryl was determined to find her parents and was on the next flight back to Winnipeg.
After April arrives in Winnipeg, she goes to the hospital to see Cheryl, she was cold, pale and seemed hollowed, its been a few short months and Cheryl looked years older, the doctor asked April if Cheryl has a drinking problem, this question both frightened and angered April, in addition, the doctor advised April that Cheryl was highly intoxicated when she was checked in, after hearing the news and visiting hours were over, she checking into another hotel and residency there, April decided to tell Cheryl she was moving back to Winnipeg, and suggested that Cheryl moved in, Cheryl agreed to the plan and admits that she had dropped out of university and started a drinking problem, April insisted on grabbing Cheryl's belonging for her old place while she rested in the hospital. Cheryl gave her the address and included it was located in a rundown part of the City, while April was on her way to pickup Cheryl belonging, she was abducted in a car by 3 white men who drove her out of the country and sexually assaulted her, who then threw her off in snow in the country side, April caught the license plate number before they drove off.
( just hours before she got abducted )
Unit 3 : Tragedy and Maturity

In this unit you'll find, are chapters 12-17, April deal this the assault case and realized Cheryl's real life and secrets, relationships before more complex and new relationships are formed, April is having a hard time finding out how to balance all of this, later tragedy's take play and the events and conflicts become for deep and complex.
Cheryl is now living with April in the
ir' new place,
Cheryl will come he from work, eat s
upper, change
and leave again, one day while April
was cleaning the
house, she came across a whiskey b
ottle in Cheryl's
room, April refusing to think about t
he doctors
remark about Cheryl's "alcoholic pr
oblem", Cheryl
and April attend the pow-wow, April
noticing how
easily Cheryl begins happy mingling with all the other natives, resulting in April feeling an odd presence of 'harmony' in the indian ways for the first time, but can put aside the ''main street indians'' from Toronto downtown. Cheryl, bothered by Aprils thought, resides a poem she make in University that was denied publishing because the poem was thought to be too controversial.
After hearing the Trial, Cheryl walk away and stay away from the house and following into the night and morning, April attends the trial alone, Roger shows at the trial and supports April, a recess is called and April explains all she know about the trial and Cheryl, recess is over and the word are spoken "Guilty as Charges" page 150.
After the hearing the witness testimony, Cheryl walk away from the trial after hearing that she had provoked the assault that happened to April, Cheryl Starts her abusing her alcohol and starts her heavy drinking again.

she comes home drunk with a whiskey bottle in hand, sits and drunkenly talk to April while grabbing a glass for herself and one for April

"Cheryl drunkenly tells April "
You don't think I know why you married Bob? it was to get away from me, that's why,I'll bet you wished you were an only child, I'd bet you wished I was dead!
" in Unit 3 chapter fifteen page 154.
Christmas time is he
re and Roger want me too meet his parent who live on a
farm, He also insiste
d that I don't leave Cheryl alone, they invite her but she
refuses, Roger and A
pril stay in Winnipeg to keep an eye on Cheryl for
Xmas,Cheryl is a no
show for Xmas for Roger and April meet Rogers parent for New Years, its now a few months after the Trial, Aprils confidence and security is climbing back up, April was still unsuccessful in communication with Cheryl. few days later Cheryl comes come with another bottle of Whiskey, Aprils asked for a drink and Cheryl sneers "serve yourself" the '3' of them have a conversation, April, Cheryl, and Jack Daniels (the Whiskey bottle)

Cheryl start talking about life and helps her self to another glass, she tells April her perspective on all of Aprils counter movements, how Cheryl feels the April is ashamed of her, resulting in why she doesn't bring friends over, beside Roger, who both "share pitty on Cheryl", Cheryl talks about how she found their father and described that he was a gutter creature with a drinking problem, and how Cheryl joined and followed after him.

After having a drunken conversation, Cheryl even admits how their mother died, and explained how she committed suicide and jumped of the Louise Bridge, and how they had another baby sister named Anna, who died as an infant, Cheryl repeating that baby Anna was the "luckiest One" out of the girls, while Cheryl was half drunk and half asleep, April began pouring out Cheryl's half empty bottle, Cheryl snaps on April and is raged by what April had just done, Cheryl leaves with a slam in the Door.

Days go by and Roger and April look for Cheryl with no success, few more days later they receive a phone call from Cheryl friend Nancy,
"Cheryl just left here and she seems fine, in a funny way, but she just finished saying good-bye to me as if she wasn't going to see me again, maybe you can do something I'm so worried for her.

We don't even know where to begin looking for her, suddenly "
.. and you know what our poor mother did?she jumped off the louise Bridge, is what she did, she committed suicide..

She Jumped off the Louise Bridge..." April shouted.

"one minute she was standing ther
e, balancing, and the
next, nothing"

the next morning the cops pho
ned me and ask if we
could identify a body that they had just
pulled out
of the river, it was final, it was Cheryl
" -April Rain
page 170

Once we returned to Nancy's place, Roger explained what had happened, Nancy and her mother gave off a warm fa
mily vibe, t
hat's was probably why Cheryl had stayed
here more tha
n at home, they had also kept a typewriter th
at I had sen
d to Cheryl from years before, they insisted that

I returned
another time in the near future, when I started feeling better.

I went home and entered Cheryl's room I read her journal and everything had finally made scene, missing pieces of the puzzle finally found.
Paper, letters, notes and stories, those were all Cheryl ever left, After when April was cleaning out Cheryl's room, she came across Cheryl's diary, reading it, April discovers why Cheryl had become so distance.

Cheryl did fly back to Winnipeg to search of her parents, but what Cheryl found wasn't want she expected, instead of the beautiful people Cheryl had always remembers, she finds her father, and notices him as a 'alcoholic drunktard indian', Cheryl shocked out of her mind, hears about her Mothers suicide and baby sisters death, these words changes Cheryl forever, creating a rippling effect, resulting in Cheryl's downwards spiral.

April continues reading Cheryls diary, and soon discovers that Cheryl has had a baby boy, whom she called Henry Liberty, 'Baby Lee' for short, April returns to Nancy and her mothers place, Cheryls' second home, only this time, she sees baby Henry for the first time, and in Henrys eye's, April sees Cheryl's innocent for the first time, in a long time.

Cheryls Diary
" When I found our father, he was happy and drunk, he hugs me and it feel like ages before he lets go, he asked where April was, and offered me a beer, I smell liquor on his breathe 'April is far away from you, she'll never know what you are', I swallow back the offered beer, Disgusted, Hatred, shame,... for the first time I feel ashamed so I swallow more beer"

Feb, 18th, 1971

"So a son is born to me, I thought his auntie, grandparent all rejoice when I brang him home, yeah right, its just me and him, I'm sure glad Nancy's mother is keeping him for good. but do I feel guilty? only when I'm sober"
Dear April,

by the time you get this, I would have done what I had to do , I have said my goodbyes to my son, Henry Liberty. I couldn't bring myself to tell you about him before. Now I know you will do what is right where he is concerned. I also know that Mary and Nancy will do as you wish. They're taking care of Henry Lee. All my life, I wanted us to be a real family, together and normal. I couldn't even mother my own baby!

Do not feel sorrow or guilt over my death, Man thinks he can control Nature. Man is worng! The great spirit has made Nature to be stronger than man by putting into each of us a part of Nature. We all have the instinct to survive, If that instinct is gone, then we die.

April, there should be at least a little joy in living and when there is no joy, the we become the living dead, and I can not live this living death an longer. To drink myselfto sleep, day in and day out.

April, you have the strength. Dream my dreams for me. Make them come true for me. Be proud of what you are, of what you and Henry are. I belong with out mother.
Love you and Henry Lee,
Cheryls' suicide letter to April
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