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Coldwar Timeline

No description

antonio lee

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Coldwar Timeline

Cold War Timeline The Breakdown of the Treaty of the Wartime Alliance U.S.A v. Soviet Union yalta confrence 1945-1991 Yalta Conference Meeting with the Big 3 Question, who's going to be the big dawg? A discssion between the big three Atomic Bomb Dropping Flexed Americas military muscle Iron Curtain Speech Called out soviets changed the way democratic viewed communist Truman Doctrine The Cold war stragety of contain Marshall Plan It prevented a reprise of horrible economic depression Berlin blockade Soviet blockade Berlin making it the first crisis of the Cold War Berlin Airlift Stalin imposed a land blockade of Berlin in June 1948,he was trying to gain power and get more land Formation of N.A.T.O Many countries forced the spread of communism in Europe.
Formed nato to protect any countries who needed it after war Mccarthyism Trying to stop communism and facism. Korean War U.S. democracy and U.S. communism fought in Korea Creation of the C.I.A. Formed to find info on foreign countries to help prepare for invasion from foreign countries Sputnick Launch Changed space landscape forever Cuban Missel crisis Soviet Union sent missels to Cuba.It
warned many Americans because it was the closest they came to confrontation during the Cold War! Apollo 11 Launched a rocket to the moon.
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