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Comenius Project

No description

Lukas Jehlicka

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Comenius Project

We had waited for our European friends for a long time, and on the 13th of April they finally came, bringing their happiness to our island.!
The first day of activity began with the official welcome of the headmaster of the host school, followed by a musical one held by the students.
..soon followed by a sightseeing of the fortress ''Monte Altura''
On the way to Porto Cervo.. National pride!
The dinner was organized in the exclusive and enchanting location of the Hotel Cervo, in the heart of the Emerald Coast,
The following morning some of the teams had already left.. With the teams that were still with us, we played the ''Comenius board game'', that had been prepared by some students of the Italian team.
But our great experience together ended with a promise: we will meet again!
Comenius Be My G.U.E.S.T.
Italy- Sardinia, April 2015
We spent the first afternoon in the small sea village of Cannigione, doing an activity of ''Speed Dating'' to break the ice..
The didactic part of the project was writing excercises about national legends in mixed teams
This was the first picture we took together..
The afternoon was devoted to a visit of the Bear Rock, a rock which is a natural monument; and to a workshop about ceramics, both activities were guided by the Italian students..
and this was the view, going back to the hotel for dinner..
(but please, don't get drunk..)
Raise your glasses!
Day 2: visit of Arzachena's countryside.
In the morning we went to Nuraghe Prisgiona and Giants Tombs of Li Lolghi, two archaeological sites that date back to Nuragic times
During the day we also visited two important wineries of the area
And after dinner, school presentations.. Some of us were afraid of speaking in public (especially the teachers..), but everything went well!
In Porto Cervo we visited the church of Stella Maris and took a stroll in the ''Promenade''
In the evening we reached San Pantaleo, where traditional dances were organized in honour of the European guests. We also had dinner together with the dancers.
Day 3: La Maddalena's archipelago, boat trip!
The weather pretended to be bad.. but the trip to the island of the archipelago began, and the sun burst out!
.. a visit to the house of the hero Garibaldi on the island of Caprera was cured by the Italian team
And, at the end of the trip, we understood that our Comenius experience together was coming to an end, when we started getting ready for the ''Farewell Dinner'' ..
according to the point of view of the Italian team
and after it we started dancing!
certificates and final speeches..
By 5 p.m. all the teams left. We all were very sad.
This project has been founded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects the position only of the author and the commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
During our Comenius Be My G.U.E.S.T. experience, which had started in October 2013 in Turkey, and finished in May 2015 in Spain, we have learnt that it doesn't matter how far people are from you, once you meet them your life can change, and your relations with them can be stronger than distance. We all have found new friends thanks to this opportunity. Not only, because we have discovered new cultures through their dishes, musics, legends.. We hope our school will be involved again in European Exchanges because these mobilities have been wonderful and unforgettable!
Here are the Italian teams in each of the 5 country we have visited.
France '14
Poland '14
Portugal '14
Turkey '13

Spain '15
Special thanks to all the people that have supported us and have believed in the project, especially to Mrs Milia that has been the driving force of the project in our school.
Thanks to all the teachers of the other delegations

and to the cordinator Mr Fernandes from Portugal!
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