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CCTS Nine Circles of Hell

No description

josh sanborn

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of CCTS Nine Circles of Hell

Double click anywhere & add an idea CCTS 9 Circles of Hell Circle 1 Playing Mosquito Ringtone Punishment:

To be bitten by a number of mosquitos equal to number of seconds ringtone is played
Circle 2 Cheaters Punishment:

Forced to complete everyone's homework for the year Circle 3 Talkers in Class Punishment:

Forced to forever read websters dictionary in front of the class. When theyre done they must read an infintie amount of safety manuals to the class. Circle 4 People Who Liter Punishment:

Forced to take out all the trash in the lunchrooms for the year. Circle 5 Big Egos Punishment:

To Forever fail at thing they think they are better than everyone at. Circle 6 Cursing Punishment:

Chew the gum from under all the desks and chairs. Circle 7 Walking Slowly in The Hallway Punishment:

To forever walk the halls with broken glass in their shoes Circle 8 People who leave gum on the floor Punishment:

Forced to have a cavity every year. Circle 9 People who act immature Punishment:

Forced to see teletubbies everytime they see a reflection
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