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My life map

No description

Craig Turner

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of My life map

!!! My 3 Life Goals !!!
Dream #2
Get a Degree in Culinary arts.
Dream #1
Get a part time job
Reasoning: I think it would be a great experience not only for learning how to work in an industry but I will also earn money.
Goal #1
I will improve and revise my resume by October 5Th 2013.
I will accomplish this is by rephrasing sentences so they sound more formal and inputting my hours of availability.
This will be reminded through an agenda and will be supported by my friends.
Goal #2
I will continue to volunteer as of September 16 2013.
I will volunteer even after I get a part time job to help out in my community till the end of high school.
This will be done through my church’s youth organization.
I will be reminded through my agenda and will be supported by friends and family.

Goal #3
Reasoning: I enjoy cooking for people and I want to make a career out of my love of cooking.
Goal #1
I will hone my cooking skills once a week by practicing various recipes not only for enjoyment but to improve my cooking abilities.
I will begin cooking for practice as of Sept 9 2013 and it will be reminded through a calendar and my mother constant but very loving “reminders” and my friends to cook them something.
Goal #2
During the winter of 2014 I will inquire about taking hands on cooking classes to further improve and harness my skills.
Once I find a suitable class for me, I will pay the fees and attend it on the scheduled dates.
I will be reminded of my commitment on a calendar. My mother will support and drive me if necessary.
Goal #3

During my grade 11 year I will attend the career symposium at the Winnipeg Convention Center to get an insight on my chosen field.
I will obtain the support from my guidance councillor to fulfill my dream.
Prior to choosing my course load for grade twelve I will research online not only for a college which best suits my career path which is a culinary degree I will also research where is the demand of jobs being offered as a Chef.
I will also figure out the pre-requisite requirements so that I can choose my course load accordingly.
In November of 2014 I will search the internet for the college I have chosen and email one of the representatives inquiring about enrolling.
Then I will fill out the paper work to apply.
As a reminder of my commitment I will write this down on the calendar and my family will help support me.

Graduate high school (2015)
Dream #3
Own a parrot.
Reasoning: I believe that it would be an amazing but annoying companion. Everyone needs one of those in their life and above all I love birds and it would be a really great experience to raise one.
Inspirational quote
“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”
–Robert Anthony
I will obtain a letter of reference by October 5Th 2013.
I will accomplish this by obtaining it from an individual who can give me a better chance of being hired.
this will be supported by family and by writing this in my agenda I will accomplish this goal.
Goal #1
Before I can own such a luxurious pet my first step would be to research some facts about the costs, such as the cost of purchasing a parrot, veterinarian costs, food costs, training …etc
I will I have my research accomplished by the end of college.
I will research the prices over the course of a week (summer 2019)
this will be reminded to do so through an agenda and will be supported through my friends.
(Reasoning) The reason why I’m waiting to research costs is because prices of birds and supplies fluctuate over the years.

Goal #2
I will begin saving up money as of (September, 9 2013) from things such as birthday money, Christmas, chores and a part time job (once I get one).
Once a week I will put aside 50% of my earnings to save up for my companion.
This will be reminded through an agenda and with the guidance of my family.
Goal #3
During the beginning of summer of 2020 (June -July) I will begin to research where I can purchase a parrot through various stores throughout Winnipeg and the internet. Over the course of a week to find the best price.
To keep my eye on the prize I will be reminded through an agenda and will be supported by my friends.
(Reasoning) The reason why I estimate the summer of 2020 is due to the fact that once I graduate high school in 2015, I will enroll in a culinary school. I researched a bit about culinary schools and at max it will take 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree which will mean I will graduate in 2019. I estimate it will take a year after to find a job that suits me to pay for the costs of owning such a bird.

Hello my Name is Craig Turner. I am currently sixteen. Some of my hobbies are camping, cooking for people, taking photos of nature, playing video games and most of all hanging out with friends.
About me
Graduate college (2019)aprox
Move out/ buy a new house (2020)aprox
Life as a Chef
Get married (???)
Raise a family (???)
To be continued.....
War face "Rawr"
1. I learned that I include family and friends in my life and they are really important to me.
2. I notice for majority of goals I use my agenda to mark them down.
3. I notice that I focus more on things that I am passionate about or thing I enjoy doing or want to do rather than academic goals.
4. nothing on my life map really surprises me. The reason why is the fact that "all" of my goals I've though about for quite some time and some of the goal I though about even before this project began.
5. i would be alright if my dreams came true cause i want them to come true.
6. in order to fulfill my goals I need to become committed to what I plan and be more organized with tasks and most of all time management.
7. based on my life map I believe what I need to focus on is time management the reason why is if I learn to use my time wisely the better the outcome of my goals and more time to do other goals and have less stress.
(Turner) summer 2013
(Turner) summer 2013
(Turner) summer 2013
Travel across Canada (road trip)(2025)
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