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social stydys

No description

Breanne Oesterle

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of social stydys

The Lincoln Assaination *Lincoln was born Feb. 12 1809 in Hardin county, Kentucky. his mom died when he was 10 and his father when he was 8.
*He married Marry Todd and they had 4 boys. only one lived to be an a adult.
*In 1858 he ran against Stephen A. Douglas for Senator and lost. But in debating with Douglas he gained a reputation that won the nomination for president in 1860. John Wilkes Booth was the ninth of ten children born to the famous Junius Booth. He lived on a farm near Bel Air , Maryland
He was a highly successful actor for a Shakespearian company based in Richmond. (on November 9, 1863 Lincoln watched him play Raphael in the play Marble heart in the same box at ford’s theater that he would later be assassinated.)
In the summer of 1864, Booth began his plans to kidnap Lincoln. He was going to take control of his carriage that was heeded to the play Still waters run deep but his plans failed when he went to present a flag to the 140th Indiana Regiment.
Around 10:15, as the President and the First Lady watched a performance of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre, Booth, showed a card to a presidential aide and was allowed entry through a lobby door leading to the presidential box. The President sat in his armchair watching the show. From a distance of about four feet behind Lincoln, Booth fired a bullet into the President's brain as he shouted "Revenge for the South!" (according to one witness) or "Freedom!" (according to another). Major Pathbone, seated next to him graded Booth but he wrested himself free after slashing toe general with a knife. He rused to the front of the box and jumped as Rathbone grabed a pice of his cloths. Booth fell on the stage below badly fracturing his leg.
Rising from the stage booth shouted "Sic semper tyrannus!"or "thus always to tyrants" and ran across the stage and toward the exit. there was a horse being held for him by Joseph and disapperared into Washington. Booth was outspoken in his love of the south and equally outspoken in his hatred of Lincoln. As the Civil War wnt on Booth increasingly fougt with his brother Edwin, who declined to make stage appearences in the south and refused to lister to John Wilkes' fiercely partisan denunciations of the north and lincoln. In early 1863, Booth was arrested in St. Louis while on a theatre tour, when he was released when he took an oath of allegiance to the Union and paid a subsantial fine. Sites http://wwwmwhitehouse.gov/about/presidents/abrahamlincoln
http://wwwmsonofthesouth.net.leefoundation/civilwar/1865/assasssination-abraham-lincoln.htm Booth the assaination the escape Lincoln resion why Booth's was hiding at the Garrett farm. Before dawn on April 26, soldiers caught up with the fugitive. Booth refused the demand to surrender, saying "I prefer to come out and fight"; the soldiers then set the barn on fire. As Booth moved about inside the blazing barn, Sergeant Boston Corbett shot him. According to Corbett's later account, he fired at Booth because the fugitive "raised his pistol to shoot" at them. Booth, fatally wounded in the neck, was dragged from the barn to the porch of Garrett's farmhouse, where he died three hours later, aged 26. The bullet had pierced three vertebrae and partially severed his spinal cord, paralyzing him.
Shortly after Booth's death, his brother Edwin wrote to his sister Asia, "Think no more of him as your brother; he is dead to us now, as he soon must be to all the world, but imagine the boy you loved to be in that better part of his spirit, in another world." Asia also had in her possession a sealed letter Booth had given her in January 1865 for safekeeping, only to be opened upon his death. In the letter, Booth had written:
"I know how foolish I shall be deemed for undertaking such a step as this, where, on one side, I have many friends and everything to make me happy ... to give up all ... seems insane; but God is my judge. I love justice more than I do a country that disowns it, more than fame or wealth. I have ever held the South was right. The very nomination of Abraham Lincoln, four years ago, spoke plainly war upon Southern rights and institutions. The institution of "African slavery” is one of the greatest blessings that God has ever bestowed upon a favored nation. Lincoln's policy was one of "total annihilation”.
-John Wilkes Booth
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