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Seth Bernardo

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Justice

What is Justice? God We learn of God's justice in Scripture: In the Creation Story In His relationship with the first people In His promise of redemption and salvation In the sending of His Son and Spirit Virtue of Justice What is a virtue and what are the two kinds of virtues? Virtue: A habit and firm disposition that helps us choose to do what is good Two types of virtues: Theological Virtues- Faith, Hope, Love Human(mortal) Virtues- Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance Ways To Show Justice: 1) worshiping God together in Church 2) work to help others experience peace 3) fight against injustice Why is justice a virtue? Justice is a virtue because it prompts us to make reasonable and faith filled decisions. It motivates us to put God first in our lives and make choices that give God the honor He deserves. What makes humans distinct from other creatures? The ability to use reason and to choose the right from wrong makes humans distinct from other creatures. By Michelle Gaines, Samuel Castillo, and Seth Bernardo A Just World Everyone..... has a right to justice is endowed with inherent dignity is made in the image of God Natural Law Our original moral sense It is engraved on our soul We cannot separate being moral from being just Harmony exists in humans as natural law Jesus Christ He says "a just world is one where no one is left out" The way to justice is people working together Creation and Liberation God's saving actions start with the creation story God's saving actions start with the creation story God's promise to Abraham and liberation of the Israelites Why is the story of creation important for understanding what God's call to justice demands? It shows us the characteristics of a just world, and is provides us with fundamental, or religious truths about who God is and how we relate to Him. God's Creation of the World Inherent Goodness God chose to share his goodness and love God's Image Humans are free to choose Humans are called to share in God's life The Fall of the First Humans Original Sin and Sin The first disobedience of humans A choice people freely make to turn away from God through what they say, do, or desire What is the relationship between sin and injustice? In our work for justice and peace, we must grapple with the reality of our own lives and its effects on the lives on others. God's Covenant with Abraham Covenant A binding agreement or promise between parties Injustice is rooted in the free human choice to act contrary to God's will(sin). The End
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