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the angry aztecs

covers almost every thing

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of the angry aztecs

Aztecs Crafts Cloths Lincon cloths and/or robes.
for armor cotton coats were soaked in salt water F od They grew everything they ate. Roles Natural Resources Natural Resources were Honey, wood, grain, corn, obsidian, spices, chilli pepper, tomato, beans, pumpkins, and peanuts. Region They settled in northern(before 1200 A.D.) southern (around 1200 A.D.) Mexico/ Mexico valley. Start As you go through the maze you will learn about Aztecs Men Women
Priests Made
Warriors alcohol
Fishers Cook
Farmer Clean
Wove Water Lakes were near by. They made pyramids and other things out of obsidian.
They carved statues of gods out of wood. They also ate monkeys, toads, frogs, cactus, dogs, algae, lizards, ants, tadpoles, larvae, and grub. They also ate Houses Mud walls with thatched roof. Priests lived in pyramids. Tools/Weapons Clubs, obsidian dagger, spear, knife edges can be put in any weapon.

Hoe for farming. Communication Spoken: ?-Spanish People have been bad so there have been 4 ages and the 5th age is going to end on 12/22/12. Two people will survive. One boy and one girl. Orgin story You have learned almost every thing about the Aztecs!
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