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A presentation focusing on the methods and aims of the Theatre de Complicite

alice chaloner

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of COMPLICITE

Theatre de Complicite By Alice Chaloner, Amy Dawson, Ellie England, Amy Small, Suzanne Toms. Bibliography Scribd. (2010). Complicite's Teachers Pack. Available:http://www.scribd.com/doc/25125854/Complicite-Teachers-Pack.Last accessed 10th Feb 2010.
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Espiner, M 'What to say about..Shun Kin' The Guardian (10th February 2009) Origins Of Complicite Reviews Method and Processes Aims and Objecives Past Productions Workshop... Warm Up.. STOP AND GO

Grandmothers footsteps

Developing the Devising Process
7 States of Tension
Exploring Space

Working with a Text
Work with a certain text using space and tension... 'Why I go to the Theatre' By Lyn Gardner

See the extroidinary in the ordinary and ignored
Insistently Questioning
Raggle taggle group
Physically Liquid, dangerous and unexpected! Projection in Performance space Theatre Journal
By Mary Feischer
Wakeful Darkness
Relationship in everyday life
Prepares the audience Everything moves.
Everything develops and progresses.
Everything rebounds and resonates.
From one point to another, the line is
never straight.
From harbour to harbour, a journey.
Everything moves... as do I!
Joy and sorrow, confrontation too.
A vague point appears, hazy and con-
A point of convergence,
The temptation of a fixed point,
In the calm of all the passions.
Point of departure and point of destina-
In what has neither beginning or end.
Naming it, endowing it with life, giving
it authority
For a better understanding of what
Movement is
- Jaques Le Coq
'I had a teacher in Paris, who said that if an actor forgot what it's like to play as a child he shouldn't be an actor. I've always loved being with children. It's marvellous to see the fresh ways they see the world. Watching them look at a tree or a river helps you to understand something that's very important.' Every Complicite show is born out of chaos 'The Elephant Vanishes' Plays:

A Disappearing Number

Mnemonic Co-founder - Simon McBurney Marcello Magni Annabel Arden Shun Kin Enquiry?
McBurneys vision.. 'The text of the different parts of theatre must be articulate as the spoken word' Education Various company personalities + chosen subjects stimuli = Atmosphere and Energy of production
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