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Capstone Project

6th Grade Capstone Project

Kate Brush

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Capstone Project

What is Head Start? Provides preschool education
Three- and four-year-old children
Public or Section 8 housing.
Teachers teach the children:
for immigrants to learn English
numbers Planning It was hard, but we finally got what we wanted. Helping Head Start By Kate Brush,
Grady Boruchin, Annabelle Pollack, and Cameron Craighead The Essential Question How can we support the education at our local HEAD START PROGRAM? We wanted to enrich the program:
Collecting books for the classroom and giving books for the kids to take home
Coordinating our visits to interact with the program
Donating games Steps to develop the question:
Research what Head Start is
Brainstormed - what kids are interested in It involved a lot of organizing to develop our project. Called by phone to set up book drives
Head Start
Public places around town
Drive to the libraries
Made a google map
key places
how long it would take
Decided to make place mats
table setting
games - tic tac toe, drawing games, letter and number games
Visit the children
Make this ongoing.. Process and Artifacts We went through many ideas for this project to form. Product Books for the kids You can help too! Place mats to eat and play on Reflection We were very collaborative:
When we were sorting the books into piles. We had to work together to see who would be counting and sorting.
We were very creative:
Thinking a lot when we had the idea of making a place mat
When we were deciding what to do:
Thought a lot about the possibilities As a team we agree that we had a great Capstone experience! Although we went through a lot of ups and downs, we all had a great time doing Capstone. Questions! 5 minutes to ask! ? ? ? ? Thank You!!! ? ?
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