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MASCA Handbook

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Nurul Azwa Mohd Rodzi

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of MASCA Handbook

i. MASCA is a non-profit organsiation run by students for students;
ii. MASCA is not to be a politically aligned organisation or a lobby group for any parties;
iii. MASCA is a multiracial and multicultural organisation depicting the true spirit of Malaysia.

i. To facilitate the interaction and unification of various Malaysian student bodies and their members in Australia;
ii. To develop and equip the future leaders of Malaysia with the necessary skills;
iii. To promote the spirit of Malaysia amongst the Malaysian student community and the wider Australian community.

Represent and serve the interests and welfare of the Malaysian student community in Australia.

i. MASCA shall not interfere with functions of its affiliates;
ii. MASCA shall not issue any statements on behalf of its affiliates.

Section 2 of MASCA Constitution
1. Students' Welfare and Advocacy

2. Nation Building and Leadership

3. Community and Volunteering

4. Career Development

5. Entrepreneurship

6. Sports and Unity

7. Culture, Arts and Identity
Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA)
MASCA Handbook
The Office
Chairperson Office
Must be a member of Malaysian Students' Organisation (MSO) affiliated with MASCA.

Appointment of MASCA office bearers shall follow the procedures in Sections 16 and 19 of MASCA Constitution.

Deputy Chairperson Office
Secretary Office
* National Secretary must be based in New South Wales (NSW).
Finance Director Office
Liaison Director Office
Public Relations Director
Welfare Director Office
7 National Executive Team (NET)
Career Platform (MACP) Director
GPS Director
Corporate Relations
Legal Executive
1. Founding Principles
2. Focus Areas
3. Initiatives
i. National Level
ii. State Level
4. The Institution
i. MASCA Representative Model
ii. Affiliates
iii. Partners
5. The Office
i. National Council
National Executive Team (NET)
ii. State Council

"Charting the way for Malaysians down under!"

1. Students' Welfare and Advocacy
MASCA is the peak student representative council that was founded to look after the welfare and needs of Malaysian students community in Australia. Students' welfare and advocacy shall be the priority in MASCA's agenda throughout the year. Initiatives introduced in this area:

(a) National Level Initiatives
i. Down Under Camp (DUC)
ii. Students' Arrival Guide
iii. Regular survey and discussion with relevant parties throughout the year

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. Meet and Greet
ii. Students Pick-up
iii. Mentor-Mentee Program
2. Nation Building and Leadership
MASCA strives to ultimately produce a new generation of Malaysians to achieve better social, economic and civil outcomes for the country. MASCA encourages initiatives that focus on intellectual discussion and youths activism to expose the students with new ideas and perspectives. Emphases are given to empower the students will skills that are necessary to be the future leaders of the world. Initiatives introduced in this area:

(a) National Level Initiatives
i. Global Policy Symposium (GPS) in collaboration with other Malaysian student councils worldwide
ii. MPPLN-MASCA Public Policy Project
iii. Australian Network Leaders' Summit (ANLS)
iv. MASA Conference
v. MASA Student Leaders' Agenda

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. Malaysian Aspiration Program
ii. MASCA Ideas; Chit Chat Kopitiam
iii. Inter-Club Conference; Leadership Camp
3. Community and Volunteering
MASCA aims to build a strong Malaysian community in Australia through volunteering programs. We aspire to inspire the students to give back to the wider Malaysian and Australia's communities back home and abroad. MASCA holds tightly to the principle that making positive changes in the society shall start from ourselves. Initiatives introduced in this area:

(a) National Level Initiative
i. Kalsom-MASCA Partnership

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. InspireSEA
ii. MalaysiantrEATs

4. Career Development
MASCA aims to continuously create awareness and educate Malaysian students on the opportunities that are available to them. We also aim to expose the students and enhance their graduate employability. Initiatives introduced in this area:

(a) National Level Initiatives
i. Malaysia-Australia Career Platform (MACP)
ii. MASA Careers

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. Business Think-Tank
ii. Corporate Insight Empowerment
iii. GRADUAN Career Fair
iv. ICAEW Business Challenge
v. Resume writing and interview workshops
6. Sports and Unity
MASCA supports initiatives that encourage unity and integration amongst its affiliates and the local community in Australia. Emphases are given to initiatives that can bring common interests such as sports whilst promoting a healthy life style and developing a competitive society. Initiatives introduced for this area:

(a) National Level Initiatives
i. MASA Games
ii. MASA Cyber Games

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. ASEAN Games
ii. Malaysian Games
iii. Sports Carnival; WAlympic
MASCA aims to produce well-rounded individuals by catering to different needs and interests of the students.
7. Culture, Arts and Identity
We value ourselves as the ambassadors of Malaysians in Australia. The aspiration of MASCA as a multicultural and multiracial organisation is not just a mere slogan but we are committed to advocate initiatives to promote our national identity and values to the wider community in Australia. Emphases are given to initiatives that celebrate various cultures, arts and history of Malaysia together in collaboration with our affiliates and partners. Initiatives introduced for this area:

(a) National Level Initiative
i. Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA)

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. Fiesta Malaysia; MFest; Citra Malaysia
ii. Malaysian Ball
iii. Merdeka Raya Celebration
iv. TalentTime
National Level Initiatives
State Level Initiatives
Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA)
Down Under Camp (DUC)
Australian Network Leaders' Summit (ANLS)
Malaysia-Australia Career Platform (MACP)
Global Policy Symposium (GPS)
MPPLN-MASCA Public Policy Project
Kalsom-MASCA Partnership
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Chapter
New South Wales (NSW) Chapter
Queensland (QLD) Chapter
South Australia (SA) Chapter
Tasmania (TAS) Chapter
Victoria (VIC) Chapter
Western Australia (WA) Chapter
Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA)
MASCA's signature event - collectively organised by MASCA Council Members across Australia, supported by Education Malaysia Australia, affiliates and partners.

Re-branded in 2013 from the National Games & Conference (NCG) - MASA is now the largest and most anticipated Malaysian event in Australia.

Annual gathering of around 1,000 participants from all over Australia.

Awarded as the Best International Students Event in Australia for the year 2015 by CISA and IDP Education.

Consists of 5 different components:
i. MASA Student Leaders' Agenda
ii. MASA Conference
iii. MASA Careers
iv. MASA Excellence Awards
v. MASA Games & MASA Cyber Games
Founded in 2014 - now DUC is the largest pre-departure program in Malaysia, run by students for students.

Officially supported by Education Malaysia and various education providers both in Australia and Malaysia.

Organised in collaboration with MASCA affiliates and MSOs.

Provides pre-departure insights for prospective Malaysian students to Australia through interactive and practical sessions.

A platform for current Malaysian students in Australia and alumni to engage and share experience with prospective students.
Started in 2013 - ANLS is an annual summit for Malaysian student leaders from Australia to engage and discuss on various issues and upcoming initiatives concerning the Malaysian students community.

Through this platform, initiatives across Australia can be aligned systematically to achieve our common goal - to serve the welfare and interests of the students.
A new initiative to be introduced in 2015 - to provide platform for Malaysian students in Australia to connect and engage with prospective employers from Malaysia and Australia.

A resume drop-off portal will be launched to collect resumes from students throughout the year.

Company engagement will be conducted both in physical and virtual forms at the same time across 7 MASCA state chapters (ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA) at least once in every semester.

This initiative will be executed in collaboration of MASCA, affiliates and partners.
The GPS is a collective effort to bring Malaysian students worldwide to engage and interact in fruitful discourse over public policy issues in Malaysia.

Established in 2015 - MASCA is one of the founders of the GPS, organised in collaboration with the other 11 Malaysian student councils worldwide.

One of the outcomes from the 1st GPS - all 12 student councils agreed to establish the Malaysian Students' Global Alliance - "The Alliance".

Initiated in 2014 in collaboration with Education Malaysia Australia to prepare for proposal submission in the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Luar Negara (MPPLN).

In 2015, proposal prepared from the 1st MPPLN-MASCA was accepted to represent MPPLN in the Mesyuarat Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan in Malaysia in front of the
This partnership aims to alleviate the education inequality in Malaysia through helping underprivileged students from rural areas ace their exams and continue to further their studies.

The latest partnership was signed in 2015 following on the success installment of the 1st Revisit Workshop in January 2015 by MASCA and Kalsom Movement.

In this partnership MASCA is responsible to recruit committee to organise Revisit Workshop for Kalsom 21 beneficiaries and to provide support in any way as it deems appropriate.

The partnership shall be reviewed by 31st December 2016.
MASCAzine was first initiated in 2012 as the official magazine of MASCA.

MASCAzine illustrates all activities and initiatives by MASCA every year for our students and stakeholders.
Based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The only territory to be regarded as 'State Chapter' in MASCA.

Signature event: the Malaysian Ball to celebrate cultural diversity amongst Malaysians.

Pioneer in intellectual discourse and volunteering programs.
Think-Tank Case Competition
NSW Athletes
To gather all Malaysian athletes in NSW and provide support to prepare forMASA
NSW Student Leaders Agenda
To strengthen the interactions among all Malaysian student leaders in NSW.
Inter-Club Conference (ICC)
Communication, Communication, Communication (CCC)
i-MASCA NSW Performing Arts Community (iMPAC)
Dedicated to preserve and flourish Malaysian heritage through performing arts, regardless of age and race.
Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Signature events: Meet & Greet and Welcoming BBQ

Pioneer in social, sporting and volunteer programs. Initiatives include ASEAN Games in collaboration with international student organisations in South Australia.
Based in Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania.

Signature event: JOM Festival to promote Malaysian cultures and values to the local Australian community, MASCA Ideas.

Pioneer in social and sporting events, and intellectual discourse - founder of MASCA Ideas.
Based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Signature events: Fiesta Malaysia, Malaysian Aspiration Program, InspireSEA, Career Insight Empowerment, ICAEW Business Challenge, GRADUAN Career Fair, Malaysian Games, ASEAN Games.

Pioneer in career development initiatives, intellectual discourse, cultural and sporting events.
Based in Sydney, New South Wales.

Signature events: Think-tank Case Competition, ICC, collaboration in MFest.

Pioneer in leadership programs, careers development initiatives, cultural and sporting events.
Based in Perth, Western Australia.

Signature event: WAlympic, Meet & Greet.

Pioneer in social and sporting events. Started to initiate programs in collaboration with affiliates for career development.
Based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Signature events: Citra Malaysia, Queensland Sports Carnival, TalentTime; Chit Chat Kopitiam.

Pioneer in sporting, cultural and social events. Started to initiate programs for leadership and career development.
Organised in collaboration of all MASCA council members in Australia, affiliates and partners.

MASCA Representative Model
National Council of MASCA
7 National EXCO
7 State Chairpersons
State Council of MASCA
Efficiency, Integrity, Sustainability
Structure at National Level
Job Scope:
Steers the direction of MASCA.
Responsible for matters related to state affairs and MASCA's stakeholders, particularly the government, corporate partners, and Malaysian students community in Australia.
Responsible to monitor MASCA Advisory Council and MASCA Alumni initiatives.

Finance, Liaison, Corporate Relations

Oversees Initiatives:
Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA)
Malaysia-Australia Career Platform (MACP) - stakeholders
Job Scope:
Responsible for MASCA housekeeping matters including state affairs, relations with affiliates, talent management and retention, branding and marketing of MASCA and dissemination of information to MASCA state chapters and affiliates.

Secretary, Public Relations, Welfare, Legal

Oversees Initiative:
Australian Network Leaders' Summit (ANLS)

Job Scope:
Handles documentation, including meeting minutes, database and newsletter.
Communication with state chapters and affiliates, including calling for meeting.

Secretariat, Legal

Oversees Initiative:
Annual General Meeting

Job Scope:
Ensuring all money due to the council is collected and received, and that all payments authorised by the council are made.
Book-keeping responsibilities, including full details of transactions and expenditures connected to the activities of the association.
Responsible for sponsorship package in MASCA and communicate with respective corporate directors and treasurers of each MASCA state chapter.

Treasury, Corporate Relations

Oversees Initiative:
Sponsorship package of MASCA
Job Scope:
Complements the Chairperson in communication with external parties.
Liaising external parties with the internal parties (MASCA and affiliates).
Representing MASCA for initiatives with external parties including government, corporates, NGOs, and other student councils.
Responsible to monitor MOU with respective partners and the initiatives.
Note: Liaison Director at state level is responsible to manage communication between the council and the affiliates

Oversees Initiatives:
Malaysian Students' Global Alliance (MSGA)
Global Policy Symposium (GPS)

Job Scope:
Responsible for branding and marketing of MASCA and its initiatives are consistent throughout Australia (website and social media platforms of both national and state levels).
Responsible for IT related matters.
Responsible for media related initiatives.
Handles relations with media partners.

Oversees Initiative:

Job Scope:
Spearheads initiatives to support the well-being of Malaysian students in Australia including, current students. (undergraduates and postgraduates) and prospective students.
Responsible to communicate with external parties for matters related to students' welfare.
Responsible to monitor welfare and advocacy initiatives at both national and state level.

Oversees Initiative:
Down Under Camp (DUC)

Appointment based on meritocracy.
NET to get exposure to MASCA initiatives and day-to-day operations - a step further to become MASCA leaders in the National Council (7+7) for the following term.
Initiatives at the national level must be inclusive to all Malaysian students throughout Australia.
Does not hold voting rights in MASCA General Meeting.
Job Scope:
Steers the direction for Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA) with the guidance from project director/s.
Must have experience as MASA committee in previous installment/s.
Handles recruitment of Head/s of Department and monitor task delegation between the departments.

Project Director 1 - Responsible for MASA Department (NET)
Project Director 2 - Responsible for MASA Component
Project Director 3 - Responsible for MASA Operations Department

Job Scope:
Steers the direction of Down Under Camp (DUC) with the guidance from National Welfare Director.
Strengthen the structure and content of the pre-departure camp.
Handles recruitment of DUC committee for the respective year.

Project Director 1 - Responsible for the whole structure and content of the pre-departure camp (NET)
Project Director 2 - Responsible for a component of DUC that relates to affiliates - must be a committee of MSO affiliated with MASCA.

Focus Areas:
Students' Welfare and Advocacy

Welfare Director
Job Scope:
Spearheads career development initiatives at national level and responsible to ensure its consistency throughout all 7 MASCA state chapters.
Complements the Corporate Relations Executive in matters related to corporate partners.
Handles recruitment of MACP committee for the respective year.

Focus Areas:
Career Development and Entrepreneurship

Deputy Chairperson
Job Scope:
Complements National Liaison Director as MASCA representative in the Malaysian Students' Global Alliance (MSGA) and Global Policy Symposium (GPS).
Responsible to monitor policy submission on behalf of MASCA.
Handles recruitment of MASCA team for the upcoming GPS working committee.

Focus Areas:
Nation Building and Leadership

Liaison Director
Job Scope:
Responsible to monitor the process of producing MASCAzine for the term is sustainable throughout the year with guidance from Public Relations Director.
Handles recruitment of MASCAzine editorial team.

Public Relations Director

Job Scope:
Complements Finance Director in matters related to sponsorship package and communication with sponsors.

Finance Director
Job Scope:
Responsible for matters related to legal procedure of MASCA initiatives and day-to-day operations.
MASCA state chapters may get preliminary advice from Legal Executive with regards to legal procedure before seek for further advice from certified legal practitioner.
Understands MASCA Constitution and reasons behind the amendment.
Understands convention and customs in MASCA.
Assists the National Secretary with legal documentations.

*Must be a law student.
Section 1A of MASCA Constitution:
Shall represent the Malaysian Students in their respective states while maintaining the founding principles of MASCA and conducting state-wide initiatives for benefit of the Malaysian Students of their respective states.

Note: Section 15A of MASCA Constitution governs the procedures for composition and membership of State Councils.

General Structure as advised in the Constitution:
(a) the Chairperson
(b) the Deputy Chairperson
(c) the Secretary
(d) the Treasurer
(e) the Directors (5):
(i) the Liaison Director,
(ii) the Information and Technology Director,
(iii) the Cultural Director,
(iv) the Education and Career Development Director; and
(v) the Social and Welfare Director.

Section 1A of MASCA Constitution:
The National Council of MASCA shall strive to maintain the founding principles of MASCA as outlined in Section 2, while promoting interaction between the states and conducting national level initiatives for the Malaysian Students of Australia.

Voting Rights in General Meeting:
7 National EXCO hold 1 vote each
7 State Chairpersons hold 5 vote each, with consultation of the respective MASCA state chapters.
Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA)
MASCA is more than a student representative council. MASCA is driven by a team of highly enthusiastic and motivated students. We aspire to build a strong and united Malaysian community in Australia while forging close relations with the Australian community.

MASCA is established across 6 States and 1 Territory (except Northern Territory). MASCA is for all rakyat (people) Malaysia in Australia regardless of their backgrounds.

• Founded in April 2001 in Sydney, Australia
• Peak student representative council for Malaysian students in Australia
• Australia has the largest Malaysian student community overseas with over 20,000 students
• MASCA is a multiracial, multicultural, non-political and non-profit organisation run by students for students
• Officially recognised by the Government of Malaysia through the Education Department of the Consulate of Malaysia in Australia known as the Education Malaysia Australia

Malaysia-Australia Career Platform (MACP) - partnership with affiliates
5. Entrepreneurship
MASCA aims to provide platform for students to realise their ideas, discover new interests and showcase their leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Initiatives introduced for this area:
(a) National Level Initiatives
i. Malaysia-Australia Career Platform (MACP)

(b) State Level Initiatives
i. ICAEW Business Challenge
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