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After You, My Dear Alphonse

No description

Elle Templeton

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of After You, My Dear Alphonse

Critically deconstructing a short story After You,
My Dear Alphonse After You, My Dear Alphonse The Title Who are the main characters in the story? Characters What is the point of view in the story? How do we know? Point of View When in this story set?
How do you know? Setting How are ideas of racism and prejudice exposed through the very simplistic plot? Plot Pick an item mentioned in the story,
and write about how it is used to symbolise racism or prejudice.
ie. the wood
the gingerbread house
the clothes Symbolism and Themes The Cartoon:

Illustrated by Frederick Burr Opper, first published in 1901. The strip features two foolish Frenchmen with a penchant for politeness to the point where they can achieve nothing else Is the title ironic? How do you see
irony in the story, knowing that it
was named after two overtly polite
Frenchmen? Mrs. Wilson Johnny Boyd In small groups, pick
one of these characters and
write up a character profile
to present to the rest of the class. How does this character embody racism or prejudice in the story?

Include quotes from the
text to support your
assertions. What about the characters we hear about, but do not meet? How are they significant to the story? Assumptions and Stereotypes

Complete the table about assumptions
and stereotypes in 'After You, My Dear

What does this reveal to us about
racism or prejudice in the story? How would the point of view and the presentation of assumptions differ if it were written in a first person perspective from the point of view of your character? Again, in your groups... Can this story be set in another time and still have
the same ideas? Cover of 'The New Yorker' magazine
1948 Which character do you believe drives the plot the most? How is the idea of the innocence of the child presented in the story? How is the theme of racism developed in the story? What do you think the story is trying to say about racism?
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