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Fraternity and Sorority Hazeing.

Brandi Higgins

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of HAZING!

HAZING!! Technique used as people get initiated into a group. Gangs
Clubs Sports Teams
Military Units Work Places most famous... Fraternities &Soroties METHODS Electric Carpet Paddle Branding Happy Corner Physical, Mental Abuse SEXUAL by:Brandi Higgins WHY???? SHOW& DISTINGUISH POWER DEDICATION STRENGTH DRINKING.! CROSS-DRESSING HUMLIATION CRIMES RUTGERS UNIVERSITY 4 Sigma Gama Rho CHARGED Chapter is SUSPENDED! CRIMES There are numerous accounts reported
Recent Account: Mid April Rutgers University Brunswick , New Jersey SORORITY: SIGMA GAMA RHO SIX members were Arrested & Charged SUSPENED STATISTICS ATHLETIC& FRATERNITIES & SOROTIES 5% REPORT FEAR SCRECY INTIMIDATION 44/50 States has a Anti-Hazing Law EFFECTS Fear, Anxiety,
and Stress.
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