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No description

Murat Saydam

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of stereotype

TURKEY AND KAZAKHSTAN Stereotype and Prejudice What is meaning of Prejudice
 Prejudice can be defined by separating the two words. Pre means before and judice is obviously justice. So prejudice is judging something or someone before you have any facts to prove it. What is meaning of Stereotype? An oversimplified idea or image about a specific group of people that is widely accepted by others.
These classifications can be positive or negative, such as when various nationalities are stereotyped as friendly or unfriendly. EXAMPLES Black people are the best athletes.
Chinese people always eat rice.
All Americans have guns.
Girls are emotional.
French people love food.
Japanese people use chopsticks to eat. Other examples of stereotypes Stereotypes can occur within different ethnic groups, social classes, religious groups and opposite sexes.

Lower class people are uneducated
Jewish people are good with money
Men are stronger than women STEREOTYPES OF TURKEY Turkish people are extremely hospitable There are camels Turkish people are very inquisitive. Turkey is desert Turkey is not a desert Turkish men love watching football and cheering for their clubs Turkish people are patriotic Turkish people always impatient They are always impaitent in traffic Turkish people are agreessive Turkish loves make gossip Turkish use arabic alphabet Turkish use latin alphabet Turkish women has no freedom there All Turkish women are independent Turkish Men live in harems, they can have many wives They have a normal family and just one wife Turkish eat always meal with bread Turkish men always (whistling) annoying to women in the Street Not all turkish men have mustaches Not all turkish men have mustaches STEREOTYPES OF KAZAKHSTAN Kazakhstan – it is not (or in) Afghanistan or Pakistan. Unfortunately many residents of the USA and Europe believe so. No, ladies and gentlemen , the ending “stan” simply indicates its eastern origin. In no way does it imply any political affiliation with those well know states. Kazakhstan is a sovereign and independent states Kazakhstan – it is not
( or in ) Afghanistan or Pakistan All the people in KZ are Muslim. This statement is as far from the truth Though Islam is the religion of the state, all people have freedom of choice. Due to mass deportations of many ethnic groups to the country Stalin’s rule, we are a multi national country. ALL the people in the Kazakhstan are Muslims People live in yurts and cob work house. No towers . The yurt is wonderful summer residence and is set up in many backyards in rural areas of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. But we do have houses. People live in yurts and cob work houses People ride horses and camels All people are dressed in national garments; all women are covered paranja Kazakhs are not very punctual Very hospitable people Kazakh families are large, many children. And many relatives The film by Borat about Kazakhstan is not true Common Points Kazakh and Turkish are hospitable.
The people have stereotype about Kazakhstan and Turkey they drive camel and ride horse.
They aren’t wearing purdah(turban,veil…)
All the Kazakh and Turkish are not muslim. Differences All Turkish families don’t have many childiren.Kazakh has.
Kazakh people doesn't cheering their football clubs like Turkish. Thanks for your

Marzhan RGAITENOVA Turkish men wearing Fez(Tarboosh) Turkish men love blond girls
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