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No description

Chanakya Grover

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of hamsters

hamsters syrain hamasters, campbell hamsters, winter white hamsters, roborovski
hamsters, chinese hamsters five types of hamsters syrain hamsters Syrain hamsters are large hamsters
and can grow 6-7 inches long.Normaly
they are golden brown with a white belly.
Some have long hair and some people call
them teddy bear hamsters. there life span
is 2-2 years. campbell hamster campbells are dwarf hamsters. the can grow
3-7 inches. they are normaly gray with a
white belly. They live 2-2 years. winter white hamsters Winter white are also dwarf hamsters. Can grow to be 4 inches long.They have a dark stripe down their
back. And they are gray brown. But in winter their fur is replaced with a white coat. Their life span is
around 2 years. Roborovoski hamstrers are dwarf hamsters. they are also small hamsters they can grow to 4 inches. They are like a brown
color. these hamsters are fast and curious
hamsters. roborovski hamster chinese hamsters Hamsters can be 4-5 inches long. they live about 2-3 years.they are all dark gray with a dark stripe down their
back.They have a longer tail than any other hamster. These hamsters are the type that prefer to live alone. 1. They sleep in the morning and are awake during the night.
2. Hamsters are considered one of the best
animals that can escape.
3. 1 Human year for them is 25 years.
4. Only the syrain breed has 40 colors
5. Hamsters have 16 teeth but only four are
6. Hamsters are color blind. fun facts funy hamster video Thanks for listening any questions
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