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Sales Training Program

No description

Pinky Gatpandan

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Sales Training Program

An Evaluation of Sales Training Program
of Avida Sales Corporation Alabang Sales training is a vital part in improving the sales figures of any organizations.
It helps the sales personnel develop the necessary skills to enhance profits.
A salesman without proper training would not only be inefficient in bringing more results but also would waste the vital resources of the organizations.
The Avida Land Corporation
The researchers
The future researchers Theoretical Framework Significance of the Study Evaluation of RESULTS
(transfer or impact on) Evaluation of BEHAVIOR (transfer of learning to workplace) Evaluation of LEARNING
(knowledge or skills acquired) Evaluation of REACTION
(satisfaction or happiness) Evaluation of the sales force using Kirkpatrick's model of evaluation in level 1 & 2 Negative
Evaluation Positive Evaluation More competitive sales training programs of avida sales corporation Improved sales training program Operational Framework Sales Training Programs provided by Avida Sales Corporation
Fast Research Objectives Needed Data Describe the profile of the respondent participants in terms of:
1.) Age
2.) Gender
3.) Job position
Evaluating the "start", the "speed" and the "fast" sales training programs based on the participants'
1.) Reaction
2.) Learning Determine if there is a significant difference in perceived evaluation among the three types of trainings Determine if there is a significant difference in the evaluation when respondents are grouped according to profile factors Profile of the respondents
Reactions and learnings of the respondents
population of the participants Source of data Questionnaire Methods of
Data Analysis Chi square Technique
ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
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