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No description

Holli Shafer

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Vivisection

What is Vivisection? Vivisection:
The practice of preforming operations on live animals for the purpose
of experimentation or scientific research. These are pictures of animals that have been affected by vivisection. I dont think vivisection
is right. It may serve a purpose
of finding out diseases, but i
dont think its right to hurt and kill
many animals while doing it. I listened to both sides of which it says vivisection
is good and bad. These are some comments that
i found on if vivisection was good or bad. I'm not saying that we have a natural right to test products on animals and I'm not claiming to have any facts on this issue, because not many people do (although they claim to), but I think that the millions of humans with terminal illnesses for which animal testing could help to find a cure should take preference over a few animals. Who gives us, as just one of the millions of species on this planet, the right to torture and kill others? I cannot believe that in the technological age that we live in there is no alternative. We are allowing scientists to experiment on this planet, regardless of the consequences, in the name of saving human life. Some say that it falls under Animal rights. Others say that we should just use prisoners for this, but people say thats not right either. Allot of people dont think its right but that we should
continue to do it because it will help us learn about diseases that we have. Many accept that animals are being tested on for diseases, but for perfume and toiletries etc, many dont agree with that. Also most cosmetics are used on animals for testing to see
if it causes skin irritation or cancer. Looking at comments and seeing what all they have tested the animals, what do you think about vivsection? Thank you for watching my prezi! I dont like that they have to hurt
these animals. Thank you for watching my prezi!
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