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The scientific method:rock candy

No description

Kelsey Lee

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of The scientific method:rock candy

The scientific method:rock candy
1:ask a question
5:analyze your data
2:research your topic
3:state your hypothesis:
akasha's report: our proect is rock candy.First we had to boil the water we also kept putting in sugar.Well we alsohad to stir it until it had trouble dissolving.Then we let it cool for 20 minutes.Then we had to put it in a tallish narrowish jar.You also had to put a skewer in 2.5cm.so that it wouldn't stick to the bottom of the jar. Then you have to wait 3-7 days It is also is edable. {when you are stiring you can put food coloring in it so it can be colored .}After 7 days you can ENJOY YOUR TASTY TREAT!
6:report your results

independent variable:the crystals forming
dependent variable: the cups of sugar
controlled variable:the sugary water
step1.put water in a pan then bring it to boil
step2.stir sugar and water until dissolves
step3.let the sugary water cool for 20 minutes
step4.pour the sugary water into a narrow jar or glass
step5.put skewer into the sugary water{clothespin sits on top of jar rim}

what happens if we put the sugar
and water in boiling water and
let it sit for 3 days?
test your hypothesis
day:1 it gathered around the skewer
day:2it stared growing on the skewer
day:3 it is now on the skewer
well the top is froze but it is liquid in the inside .
Also it did from it is gigantic crystals formed .
On the jar it made it a little sugar coat on the skewer on the jar . well it stuck to the bottom of the jar
yes !IT WAS A SUCESS. it didn't fail it will, have to stay in the jar because it is like someone super glued it to the jar.
if we put sugar into boiling water carefully adding more and more until it dissolves then how many days will it take before the crystals form in 4 days?
well we went to science bob to look at ideas. But nobody has the same project.some worked and some didn't work.ours worked.
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