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Sophie Policarpio

on 17 September 2013

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Interview with Monica Asilo
Barangay Profile
History of the Barangay
Landmarks/ Important Establishments
Barangay Officials
BRGY. CAPTAIN: Monica C. Asilo

Zandro Asilo
Joey Vivero
Ramil Lontok
Rodolfo Bugnot
Bonifacio Marasigan
Francisco Marteja
Efren Santos

SK: Francesca Mae Dela Cruz

Secretary: Rebecca Infante

Treasurer: Carlito Martin

The Augustinians reached the town center of Pasig on Jan 20, 1572, feast day of San Sebastian. After a year, they found out that it was easily flooded because of it's low-plain and proximity to Laguna de Bay. With that in their minds, they moved the town center to its present site. The masses held in the visita were then celebrated in the new site. When some of the folks who attended the Mass were asked where they came from, they would say "sa pinagbuhatan ng misa/simabahan". From then on, Pasig's town center became a barangay called Pinagbuhatan.

Family income rose. Gone are the rich and fresh water, rice fields and greeneries. Progress, It might be said, has a price. But on the whole, Barangay Pinagbuhatan is doing very well.
North - Palatiw,
Pasig City
South _ San Juan, Taytay Rizal
East - Cainta, Rizal
West - Napindan, Taguig Metro Manila
The first school was opened in 1931 Classes were interrupted and school buildings were destroyed from 1941 up to 1944 during Japanese occupation. It was resumed in 1945 until year 1949 when a Grade IV class was organized. Complete primary school was established in 1950 and was named Pinagbuhatan Primary School. Pinagbuhatan Elementary School was established in school year 1958-1959 with Mrs. Lorenza B. Cruz as the teacher-in-charge. Pinagbuhatan Elementary School was donated by municipal government and a portion of which was donated by Simon Ablaza family.
Pinagbuhatan Elementary School
Barangay Pinagbuhatan is located on the southern part of Pasig. On the early days it was the public market garbage dump of Metro Manila until the year 1975 when people started building their homes on the said barangay. They cleaned the area and filled the marsh with earth to build their houses. It's total land area is 400 hectares and more. At present, its total population is 105,435, this according to census has the biggest population in all of the barangays in Pasig. Currently it is being lead by Mrs. Monica C. Asilo.
Significant Events
San Sebastian Day, January 20 - The Barangay Fiesta Day celebrating the day of the Patron Saint. Procession and pagoda accompanied by bands and dancers can be observed in the streets.
Boundery Arcs
a. Located at Urbano Velasco Ave.
Bounding Pasig Public Market

b. Purok Jasmin Urbano Velasco Ave.

c. Located at M. H. Del Pilar St. Bounding the Palatiw Boundary near the circle

d. Balsancat Arc
Bounding Pinagbuhatan and Palatiw
Araw ng Pasig, July 2 - is also a big significant and momentum day for Pinagbuhatan because we, as one of the Barangays of Pasig, always have the pariticipation and join street dancing.
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