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TQTQ (Test Taking Strategies)

Classroom Agenda

Christina Campbell

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of TQTQ (Test Taking Strategies)

Title Question Read each question and underline the key words. 1. Think about the type of text you are reading (Literature or Informational).

2. What do you think the text will be about?

3. Write your prediction down beside the title of the text. 1. Underline key words in the question (subject and verbs).

2. Underline important information that tells you where
to look for the answer (location). Text Question Unpack the text by using the following strategies : 1. Number each paragraph.
2. Underline first sentence in each paragraph and read
these sentences to get an overall idea of what the text is about.
3. Circle key words as you read.
4. Write marginal notes as you read. 1. Choose the BEST multiple choice answer.
2. Make sure that you find textual evidence to
support your answer choice. Now answer the questions following the text. T- Make a prediction about the passage based on the title.
Q- Underline key words in each question.
T- Read the text and unpack as you go.
Q- Answer questions and provide textual evidence. Test Taking Strategies Overview TQTQ (Also known as Runners) Make a prediction about the passage based on the title.
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