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Hypsometer Activity

No description

Jana Hoover

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Hypsometer Activity

The process
Hypsometer Activity
Measure the height of irregularly tall objects on our campus using a clinometer, tape measure, and trigonometry.
First measure the height of an object at
the stadium.
Now measure the height of the top of the Elk on the front of the building.
1. Use a tape measure to measure the height of your eye.
3. Look through the eyepiece of the hypsometer to the top of the object you wish to measure. Allow the string to hang against the side of the hypsometer to create a right triangle. Mark the strings location. Record measure of segment BZ
2. Measure the distance from your eyes to the object which you want to measure.
Measure the height of the flag pole at the front of
the building.
4. When marking the distance, in the Data Table, from points A to B should be the same for all your objects measured.
5. The tape measure distance represents the distance from points G to H. Enter that distance in the appropriate column of the Data Table.
6. Measure the distance from points D to H. Enter that distance in the appropriate column of the Data Table
Next, measure the height of the stadium
The End
Finally, measure the height of the basketball goal in the arena.
Choose any other three objects on the campus to approximate the height of.
What is a hypsometer?
A hypsometer is an instrument used for measuring the height of an object using similar tirangles.
What is a hyspometer used for?
The term hypsometer comes from two Greek words meaning "altitude meter" and typically refers to a device that is used to measure the height of an object.

The device is commonly used in surveying and construction industries as well as by arborists, who use hypsometers to measure heights of trees.
Making your own hypsometer...
Student name
Distance from object
Student height(to eye level)
Work with a partner
Make sure you stay together and make sure your teacher knows where you are going.
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