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Conquest & Labor Systems

No description

Steph Gorges

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Conquest & Labor Systems

Spanish Conquest
Social Order
Triangular Trade
Conquest & Labor Systems
New Labor Source:
Looking at DBQ documents:
What were your thesis statements?
How did you group your documents?
Replaced encomienda
Forced labor for a specified number of weeks/months
Natives = free people
Hernan Cortes (1519-1521)
Searching for gold
Captured Montezuma (ruled through him)
Later conquered city with local rivals
New Spain (Mexico)
Motives: Gold ($$$), God, Glory
Francisco Pizarro
Captured Atahualpa
Used him to find gold
Brutally killed Atahualpa
New Castile (Peru)
Governor of colony that answered to king

Educated lawyers who heard appeals against the viceroy and had contact with the Spanish king.
Political Control
Labor system: Spanish crown gave land & laborers to settlers to work (haciendas)
Granted natives
Owed tribute (in labor/goods)
Abusive &
overworked natives
Protect natives from other tribes
Teach Catholic faith

Labor (gain gold/silver)
De Las Casas
Dominican friar
Opposed mistreatment of the natives
*mostly men traveled to new Spanish lands = increase in new ethnic groups
"sin indios no hay Indias"
African slaves
Reactions to this video:
Bias? POV? Accurate?
What reputation should
Columbus have today?
Slave Trading:
1501 - Spanish begin using African slaves in Caribbean
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