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Amber Wright

on 3 December 2012

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photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli BY AMBER WRIGHT STAGES OF TEACHER DEVELOPMENT Stage one of a teachers development is most critical because this is the stage where support and development are most important
This stage is usually occur in the teachers first or second year of teaching where teachers are just trying to survive and are questioning themselves if they choose the right profession and stress about it
Mentors are very important here because they help with guidanc as do Induction Programs. STAGE 1: SURVIVAL Stage 2: Consolidation This usually occurs a several years after teaching has been completed
The teacher finally starts to to venture out and change up there routines and explore out
Starts getting more involved into Professional Development Programs
Wants to explore different teaching styles and lessons Stage 3: Renewal At this point the teachers have reached a feeling of their purpose for being a teacher
They want to explore more on the teaching profession itself and its philosophies, how to make the educational system better in general
Many teachers never reach this stage Stage 4: Maturity Know your students
Establish clear rules and consequences
Good Cop/Bad Cop
Physical Considerations
Peer reviews
Strong first day Becoming and effective teacher AFT:
-Created in 1916
-Part of American Labor movement
-Wants to improve salaries and working conditions for teachers
-Fought for desegregation
-Fought for the right to bargain collectively NEA VS. AFT At this point the teacher is over the survival method and onto children's learning.
In this stage the teachers main focus is the curriculum and the students needs
They are able to help realize their are individual needs of every child. NEA:
-Largest professional and employee organization
-3 million members
-You get free legal services
-More politically involved
-Elects pro-education candidates U.S teaching hours vs. Other Countries The United states does not get the planning hours that other countries do. In fact in the U.S teachers only are designated about 3 to 5 hours a week to plan whereas in other countries they are given designated times that they can and are given 15 to 20 hours a week to plan! Teaching Jobs in the U.S They predict that there will be an increase of new teachers needed over the next two decades. The most increase will most likely be seen in the west and south western with 5-20% increase. Applying for your first teaching job! Having a professional Resume
A portfolio of maybe videos of you teaching a class, sample lesson plans, or talks with parents
Online Assessments
Getting the Interview can be stressful but once your in make sure you just show them the great attributes you'll bring to the classroom! -These both assist teachers with collective bargaining, and support to teachers
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