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Life of tattoo

No description

Elena Chertkova

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Life of tattoo

stature and rank
strength, bravery
symbols of religious,
amulets, talisman
to identify foe
from friend
sexual lures and marks of fertility
Oetzi, an Iceman
57 tattoos used for therapeutic reasons
over 5000 years
from about 2400 years ago
tattoos of animals gave them magical powers
Mummies in the Altai Mountains
back to 2100 BC
ritual markings
Tattoos in Egypt
Maori tattooing in New Zealand;
the facial tattoo;
curved shapes and spiral patterns;
a symbol of rank, social status, power, and prestige;
the story of the wearer's family and tribal affiliation.

Men - on their faces, buttocks (raperape) and thighs (puhoro).
Women - on their lips (ngutu) and chins (kauae).
long and labor-intensive process
used knives and chisels (uhi), either smooth or serrated, and the ink
start on the streets of Los Angeles in the Hispanic areas
1. Black and grey
elements of machines with organics;
was popularized in 1979 (H.R. Giger designed the alien creatures in film Alien)

2. Biomechanical
colorful and graceful beauty and designs;
Koi fish, Cherry Blossom branches, dragon and tiger
3. Asian
based off of ancient tribal designs such as Aztec, Samoan, Polynesian, Indian, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Mayan, and Maori.
4. Tribal
tradition in the newest Western history;
bright colors frames with bold black outlines.
5. Traditional Old School
6. Nature Inspired
nature themed tattoos
1. More women than men are getting tattooed today.

2. The tattooing machine is based on the design of the doorbell.

4. Lucky Diamond Rich is world's most tattooed person from New Zealand.

5. Also, tattoos were at Albert Einstein, Nicholas II and Stalin.

3. George C. Reiger Jr. has over 1,000 Disney tattoos, including all 101 Dalmatians.

Thank you for the attention ;)

the polynesian "ta" - "striking something"

the tahitian "tatau" - "to mark something".

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