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LBC Motors Global Strategy

Louay Chebib University of Phoenix IST/732 Project

L Chebib

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of LBC Motors Global Strategy

LBC Motors - A Global Leader
Supply, fulfillment, or marketing risk include product quality, logistic interruptions, financial infrastructure and currencies, economic roadblocks, anti-competitive practices, cultural, political, legal, regulatory, human made & natural disasters, & bureaucratic challenges. These challenges present substantial barriers to expanding into a new market or into a new country.
Largest supplier in a niche market
Expanded access to international markets in Australia, New Zealand, and the emerging markets of the Far East
Build relationships with international aftermarket parts manufacturers
Global logistics capabilities
Grow based on strengths
Direct Sale to Enthusiasts in USA & GB
Competitors &
Beyond LBC
Louay Chebib
LBC Motors
to our world
LBC Motors Ltd. is a privately held, US based, automotive parts supplier specializing primarily in the restoration of British cars
LBC’s leadership position is largely due to superior, qulaity, service & knowledgeable staff
Shrinking Market
No new cars are production
Attrition reducing the number of remaining vehicles
Customers have reduced discretionary spending
Expand offerings to support other collector vehicles
Expanded market to globally to newly affluent regions
Products & Suppliers
Most OEM suppliers no longer in business
LBC manufactures in-house, outsources, & imports
Rare, occasional, finds of warehoused parts
OEM and aftermarket replacement and maintenance parts
A new generation of functional and performance parts based on updated technology
Focus on core competencies & strengths by using outsourcing & joint ventures to minimize exposure & achieve goals
Refocus North American operations to the core competencies of customer care & lead by focusing on innovation to create a new generation of functional & performance parts products. LBC is not a technology leader. However, LBC depends on technology to support all aspects of its operation
Check your Volume & Enjoy your LBC!
Use parts manufacturers & logistics companies in multiple countries to assure multiple sources
Use trusted local agents to act on behalf of LBC to assure the finest quality at the best price
Test the ability of manufactures to perform effectively when producing the small runs required by LBC & make sure suppliers follow TQM practices
Use logistics partnerships to preposition goods for quick delivery to customers
Consider services such as “Fulfillment by Amazon” (2012) as alternatives to traditional logistics service providers while controlling the sales & service experience.
Use a cloud-computing model to outsource server & communications systems services to a specialty provider
For successful cooperation, each organization needs to let the other lead in their area of expertise. In doing so, LBC needs to remember that LBC’s competitive advantage is in supplying the correct high quality parts & the service & expertise that improve the customer’s experience
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