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David Thompson

The Explorer

Ishan Amin

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of David Thompson

David Thompson
By: Ishan & Alen
Picture of Explorer
David Thompson was a British-canadian explorer. He was sent to be an apprentice for the Hudson Bay Company, He left for the Company on May 28th 1784 at the age of 14. David arrived from his journey at Churchill, Manitoba. He worked as an apprentice for 7 years for the Hudson Bay Company. He became a fur trader in 1792. He explored because he wanted to complete his goal, and to trade fur with the Natives.
Reason for Exploration
David Thompson was a geographer, fur trader, and was the first white man to explore the western parts of Canada and the united states. Thompson worked for the Hudson Bay Company in 1784 and worked for as a clerk in northern and western Canada until 1796 when he was sent to Lake Athabbasca. He left the Company and joined the North West Company where he traded with the Weatern Plains
Places Being Explored
He had a widowed mother so it was a very hard life for him taking care of his family. Afterward he returned to being a land owner but soon some financial misfortune would ruin him. By 1831 he was deeply in dept and was forced to get a job to support his family.
David Thompson was born on April 30th 1770 in England, Westminster. His parents were Ann and David Thompson. His father died when David was 2. He went to Grey Coats (charity school) to learn basic navigation. In 1784 he was sent to the Hudson Bay Company as an apprentice for 7 years. He officialy became a fur trader in 1792, and surveyed Lake Athabasco. He quit the Company on May 23 1797, to join the North West Company where he continued his work. In 1798 he established a trading post for the North West Company in Alberta. David married a aboriginal named Charlotte Small on June 10 1799, they had 13 children. They were married for 53 years. He died at the age of 86 on Feburary 10 1857, in Longueuil, Canada.
Biographical information
David Thompson found the aboriginals very interesting and was very eager to learn about them. Thompson respected the aboriginals and their culture. David also had interacted with the natives of the west Which helped him have an understanding of them and their belifes. He learned alot about their daliy life, he fell in love with a ugly( we mean no offence) aboriginal women named Charlotte Small, and he learned alot from her. David Thompson also opened first trade with the North western indians. Explorers such as Alexander Mackenzie, and Louis and Clark also used one of his maps.
Impact on both Aboriginal & Eueropeans
David faced many difficult challenges and some of the challenges he faced was travelling by snowshoes, dogsled, and horseback. He also faced temprature 20 - 30 below 0 in cold and harsh weather also he only used the stars to map 1/5 of the continent travelling all night.
Reason for exploration
In 1843 he completed an atlas, from the Hudson Bay to the Pacific Ocean. David also made a giant map from the Pacific Ocean to the Lake Superior.
David Thompson goal was to map the geography of the north west, he was able to acomplish his goal. In Grey Coats he wanted to be a midshipsman for the Royal Navy, but since his mother let him go to the Hudson Bay Company his dream was not accomplished.
Personal Goals and Ambitions
David Thompson had many great achievements when he was living and even when he was dead. David Thompson mapped 1/5 of the continent. He made maps so accurate that the Canadian government used them as basis for many issued maps. He started the first fur trade with the North West aboriginals. David Thompson was the first white man to navigate the full length of the Columbia River. David Thompson also expanded the North West Company. David wrote a book about his 28 years in the fur trade. Nobody knew about his achievements until after he died.
After his death the Canadian government named a school and a road after him. They also made a postage stamp of him. The Thompson River in British Columbia and the Thompson falls in Montana are also named after David Thompson. There is a memorial in North Dakota and a statue in Alberta.
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
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