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Writing a Book Review

This will outline how to write a short book review, to include with my English students' book posters.

Melanie Mason

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Writing a Book Review

Writing Book Reviews How to write a strong book review including background information and supporting your claims! As You Read As you read the story you should think about:
--Quotes When You're
Ready to Write Give background
--Remember your audience may not have read the book!
--Summarize the main points Revising Remember to have someone peer edit!
--Check for basic grammar
and spelling errors!
--Check spelling of title, author, character names, setting, etc.
--Does your argument make sense?
--Did you back it up with quotes? Are they accurate? Writing Book Reviews Most Important Issues
--Only include the most important issues or characters
--What did you like/dislike?
--What did you agree/disagree with? Organize
--Remember you should evaluate the text not just tell people about it!
--Start with title and author
--2-3 sentences summary
--3-4 evaluation Your Evaluation
--Choose 2-3 points to discuss/evaluate about the book (plot, characters, theme, etc)
--What did you like/dislike?
--How does it compare to other books in this genre? By this author? In this series?
--What did you think of the characters?
***Don't give away the ending!*** 1 2 3 4 After making changes print final draft! Support Your Opinion! Remember:
Just because you're giving your opinion doesn't mean you can just rant! Support your reasoning with quotes, events, or ideas from the book. If you like something explain WHY. If you don't like something explain WHY!
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