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No description

Nikola V

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of LMS CALL

Learning Management Systems
What is an LMS?
Edmodo, Schoology, Coursesites
Advantages and disadvantages
Learning Management Systems
Edmodo, Schoology, Coursesites
What is an LMS?
software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs
consist of fairly generic tools such as quiz/test options, forums, a scheduling tool, collaborative work space and grading mechanisms.
provides various opportunities for both students and teachers

free learning management system for teachers, students, and parents, schools and districts.
Using Edmodo
Signing up & creating groups
From the teacher’s perspective:
1. Easy management of administration processes
2. Variety of content type
3. Teaching & Learning in LMS
4. Access and availability
From students’ perspective:
1. Learning environment
2. Learning Management
3. Access and availability
Generic tools:
- tests
- forums
- collaborative workspace
- grading mechanisms
Similarities and differences among LMSs
Pros and Cons
Common Pros:
- free
- no expertise required
- posting materials
- giving assignments
- tests and quizzes
- grading system with a grade book
- calendar
- networking
- mobile apps
System specific pros:
- Similar appearance to Facebook
- unlimited number of documents
- small groups within course
- no private messaging
- parent accounts
- connections with education based companies
- similar to facebook
- attendance register
- options for test setup
- parent account
- privacy settings
- Course design
- Self and peer assessment
- Live classroom
- Browser lockdown
- connections with education based companies
System specific cons
- Similar to facebook
- No threaded discussion
- No blog module
- No moderation of blogs
- Most of the useful apps and addons are expensive
- Storage limit to 15 Gb
- The interface is not user-friendly
- Limited number of courses
- Limited file storage to 500 Mbs
- Parents can access only as guests
- Similar to facebook
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