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An overview of China for elementary students.

Caitlin Cahill

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of China

China 中国 Zhōngguó China is slightly smaller than the USA in land mass... ...but China has over 4x as many people! 23 Provinces 56+ Ethnic Minorities 7+ Dialects (Languages) Caitlin Cahill Language Spoken Mandarin or "Putong Hua" is the official spoken language.
7-13 dialects plus additional languages
5 Tones
Neutral (mā) "mother"
(má) "hemp" or "torpid"
(ma) "horse"
(mà) "scold"
(ma) "question particle"
Written No alphabet
40,000+ Characters
3,000-5,000 to be literate. Some characters are pictograms or ideograms, but most are neither. Traditional vs Simplified
Simplified is newer and used by most.
Simplified has less strokes.
Traditional easier to understand. Names Last names first.
Names before titles, e.g. Cahill Miss
Repeat first names for kids, e.g. lili
Parents give names with lucky/beautiful meanings. Food Chopsticks Regional Flavors Street Food Kuaizi "Quick Little Things" When kids are learning to use chopsticks, parents tie them together to make it easier. Never stick your chopsticks straight up in a rice bowl, because it is a funeral rite; means you are wishing death upon others at the table. North East South West Wheat
Noodles, dumplings, baozi
Garlic & Vinegar Seafood Rice
Tropical Fruits Szechuan (Sichuan) - SPICY!
Ma spice numbs the mouth
Far west - lots of mutton (lamb) Pork! Street food is found in almost every city in china. Made fresh. Eat as you walk. Very Cheap Skewers (chuan)
Jiaozi & Baozi
Caramelized Fruit (Bingtang Hulu)
Lijiang Baba (sweet or salty fried bread)
Bubble Tea Places
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