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Alex Granner

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Biodiversity

By Alex Granner Biodiversity What is it? All plants, animals, and microorganisms
Diversity between species
Functional guilds
Genetic diversity
Species diversity
Ecosystem diversity Causes Deforestation
Invasive species
Climate change
Loss of habitat
Pollution Solutions Learn about it
Start/ Join a Club
Be aware of what you eat
Plant a tree
Compost Successful programs UNEP
SCBI perspectives Not enough evidence
Benefits economy
Don't believe it actually matters
Make millions of of harvesting timber
We can build road, houses, etc. Related Global Issues Deforestation
Global Warming
Endangered species Deforestation That's all.
Thanks for listening. Stats 8-100 million species knows to exist
15% have been discovered
50-150 species go extinct each day
.2-.6% of species go extinct each year
Going extinct at least 10,000x the background rate National/ State U.S.A. 30% of biodiversity has been discovered
40% of all medicine is from Biodiversity
Number of exotic species available has gone from 130-250 in past decade Iowa 1,800 plant species, 750 animal species, and thousands of invertebrates
Iowa was once prairie, forest, and river
30 million acres of prairie was turned to topsoil
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