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Youtube algroithm

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Youtube algroithm

.click bait
.titles under trends on the internet
.promote videos on social media
.good editing
.get sub boasts
.if you that desperate buying views

YOUTUBE Algorithm
BY Alex Prackelt
how does the algorithm work?/effect videos
When users search up something like Overwatch or something popular any video or live stream with overwatch in the title will pop up and depending on the views a videos gets the higher on the search bar. videos with 1 million views mite be the first video you see and the title and thumnail often click bait gets people watching but if you don't have high quality and have then type of content the viewer wants then you wont get a views from that user. but if you are popular and get lots of views and view time you'll be successful
How to get more views
do trends affect views?
how to get longer watch time
Is the algorithm just watch time ?
whats the average revenue paid to a youtuber with over 200,000 subscribers
About $4,000 a month including sponsorships and ad revenue
There are many ways of getting views
Yes,videos that follow trends get more views because more people are searching it up and if you do a video on a trend your more likely to get your video checked out by users intrested
use a thumbnail that's taken from the video and not just click bait luer viewers but to show what the viewer wants to see
Yes and No,watch time gets your videos much like views gets your video to the top of the Youtube searchbar or recommended tab
how to get
a company would email you saying something like here is a code for a discount to are product we would like you to show this product on a video of yours and we will give you money for it or you email them I could user your product if we make a deal I'll premote your product to my views
how do famous toy channels get there fame
many young kids or users that get to watch Youtube search up things like Disney,Marvel and other children's programs Toy channels review toys to promote them and the company's sponsors the channels and more young viewers watching this content is mistaken that's its not official but watches it anyways Here is an example Ryan's Toy reviews one of the most famous 5 year olds on the Internet opening toys and surprise eggs for millions of dollars with his channel having over 7 million subscribers on Youtube his mothers so committed she Quit her job and took Youtube as her brand new money make career
Click bait
what's click bait click bait is how users get tricked or lucky tricked being luered in to a video they think is what they want but it isn't and users get stuck or bored of this false advertising
how small channel hit it big
tell everone about your channel family friends or anyone about your channel and recamend it if all goes well views should increase and when they do start posting on a regular basis and get sponserd and watch your channel growif your that commited you will acheve your goal or subscriber milestone

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