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India and the British Invasion

Prior to the British invasion, India was a wealthy and able country and could have continued to be like so without the British.

Divy Mody

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of India and the British Invasion

India and the British invasion THESIS: The British invasion of India brought forth the downfall of the true indigenous nation and culture of India. Mughal Empire - India was left disorganized and vulnerable British won a great empire, enormous wealth took advantage of India's disunity, rivalries and weak government Took everything they needed and more.
left India with absolutely nothing BENGAL "There are few instances in hisotry
of anything like it. It did not last for
a few years, but for generations. The
corruption, violence, and greed for
money of the early generations of the
British rule is something that passes
comprehension. It is significant that
one of the Hindustani words 'loot' has
become apart of the English language."
- India, Kate Mitchell Before the invasion Highly developed manufacturing country.
Manufactured goods to Europe.
Industrially, commerially, and financially advanced as any other country. India could not compete with the new Industrial Revolution Work Cited

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