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Personal Story

No description

Melisha Hampton

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Personal Story

My Personal Story
Personal Story
My name is Melisha Dove Hampton. I am 17 years old and have attended cascade high school for 4 years now.
Until 6th grade, when I moved to Everett, I had never attended any one school for more than 2 years so my education was kind of scattered. I used to really hate school but last year I started to like it and this year I really love it.
I enjoy learning new things every day. The easiest classes for me are English and sciences but mathematics and history are a challenge.
I like taking care of animals, reading, playing video games, swimming, and traveling. Some weirder hobbies are paint balling and dirt bike riding.
I had shingles in 7th grade and then again in my junior year of high school. This set me back because I was gone for 2 months each time.
Favorite Teachers
Mr. Fletcher was my science teacher in middle school. When my grades started to slip he encouraged me rather than become upset. He is the reason why I stayed interested in Sciences.
Frau Lockwood is my German teacher who made me interested in European countries. Now I want to further my knowledge of the German language after high school.
I am terrified of needles and the ocean (like whales, sharks, and other creepy ocean stuff.)
I have been to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Iceland, France, China, and Japan. I am happy to have this experience in my life and maybe someday it will come in help!
Moving schools each year was un-motivating and when I went to the same school for more than 3 years straight the transition started to affect my school work more.
Having shingles also set me back because of many missed classes, tests, and class time.
My mother raised 2 kids from the age of 16. She worked two jobs and did her best to make our child hood happy. She is a strong woman, who wants her kids to be successful but happy. She has shown me that there are more important things in life than what people think of you.

The biggest influence in my life as a friend would be Caitlin. She is the exact opposite of me but we have been very good friends since 6th grade when I first moved to Everett. We have both been major influences in each others lives. Shes more family now though...
High school Preparation

While in highschool I can prepare for becoming a game designer by taking classes meant to target creativity. Classes such as creative writing, art, AP art, game design, web design and video production. All of these classes are recommended by DigiPen. Also core classes such as mathematics, physics, and computer science is suggested.
My career
Game Designer
Being a game designer has recently become my dream job as I have discovered it is a career with the oppertunity to work with a group towards one main goal and individually express my creativity through games. My goal is to be a designer that creates games with new concepts and design. I want to take part in creating the games of the future.
Many people in this industry have agreed that college isn't always the best way into the buisness. In most cases they will be looking for a person who is familiar with games and the tech they use in their company, Many companies use different tech so the best way to become familiar with it is to join the company at a young age and work up through the company, Though having education in Specific computer programs and scripting languages can only help!
College Preparation?
Mean while in Cascade High School...
Moving & Shingles!
I really want to attend a four year university! If I could choose one it would be Digi Pen because they are notorious because they are a world-renowned leader in education and research in computer interactive technologies. Their undergraduate admissions require the admissions application, admissions fee, high school transcripts, scores for SAT and ACT, application essay, and letters of recommendation. Along with this you will need to have an art portfolio, performance portfolio, mathematics and science requirements, financial responsibility form, and proof of English language proficiency,
A Game Designers salary
A Game designers salary depends on what specific area they plan on going into and for how long they have been with the company. For example a lead game designer at Microsoft can make $136,224 yearly , while the game designer at WMS gaming can make &112,980 yearly. Over the past two years the average salary has continued to rise.
Technical School
Due to my less than perfect grades and attendance throughout the entirety of my high school career my admittance to a four year university is unlikely. The technical school I chose is ITT Technical Institute. They are a leading private college system offering technology-oriented programs at this college in Washington. They offer classes in applied sciences in the digital entertainment and game design.
Down the road
My future life
After college I hope to get a good job in a high ranking company preferably in a AAA position where I can give my ideas to help create something that will inspire and entertain people.
By Melisha Hampton
Quick Introduction
My brother is the only person in the world who has always been there. We have been through a lot together and even though he is shy and has a pony tail, I will always love him. He has showed me that having someone else in your life is very important. You can't do it alone.
Elementary School

From Snohomish to Monroe and back again.
Growing up my mom, brother and I moved around a lot. I never went to the same school for more than 1 year before I moved to Everett in 6th grade.
Middle School
Eisenhower to Evergreen.
The summer before I started 6th grade my family and I moved to Everett. I didn't know anyone and my overall attitude about education was poor to say the least. Throughout middle school I slacked and got poor grades.

Cascade High School
High School
Throughout high I have had some great times. Besides staying in the same school I started in, I have had fun in classes and improved during my time spent here.
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