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Two Door Cinema Club

No description

Ethan Gray

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Two Door Cinema Club

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Ethan Gray Two Door Cinema Club Early Beginnings TDCC The band's debut album, Tourist History, was released on 1 March 2010 by French independent record label Kitsuné Music. In the United States, where the band are signed to Glassnote Records, the album was released on 27 April 2010.

(Tourist History was selected for the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year (2010) the following year.) Discography The band's second album, Beacon, was released on 3 September 2012 and debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart. Special Note In July 2012,Alex Trimble participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, singing "Caliban's Dream", a song written by Underworld’s Rick Smith. Trimble revealed in an interview that filmmaker Danny Boyle, who had been commissioned as the event's "ceremony chief", had selected the singer for the role to sing at the ceremony. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Trimble described the phone call that he received from his manager in relation to the request:
"The call woke me up and I was half asleep and hungover. He told me Danny wanted me to perform a song at the Olympics. I listened and then went back to sleep. When I woke up I actually thought the call had been a dream. But when my manager called back I obviously said, ‘Yes’."
Notable tracks Some notable tracks from the group include:
"1901" which topped charts in the US at #1 in 2009
"Lisztomania" which had the #4 spot in the US charts
(both tracks were from the "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" album) Phoenix Thomas Mars, bassist Deck d'Arcy, and guitarist Chris Mazzalai started playing together in Mars' garage and Mazzalai's older brother, Laurent Brancowitz later joined the group after leaving a group of the two people who would later start Daft Punk. Cont. "Sleep Alone" and "Next Year" were featured on the playlist of the clothing retailer Hollister Co. during the autumn season of 2012. Awards In the 2010 Triple J Hottest 100, "Undercover Martyn" came in at number 21.

"I Can Talk" was at number 72.

In the 2012 Triple J Hottest 100,"Sun" came in at number 37.

"Sleep Alone" was at number 90. Inspirations The members of Two Door Cinema Club has each agreed upon an artist they all fondly listen to and claim to follow in their electro indie pop genre. That is the French group, Phoenix.

Hailing from Versailles, France, the band is made up of Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz. Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish Indie rock band from Bangor, County Down. The band consists of
Sam Halliday (lead guitar, backing vocals),
Alex Trimble (vocals, rhythm guitar, beats, synths)
Kevin Baird (bass, backing vocals). Alex Kevin Sam Alex Trimble - Born October 10th, 1989 in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. Sam Halliday - Born July 26th, 1989 in Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland. Alex Trimble - Born October 10th, 1989 in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. Kevin Baird - Born August 2nd, 1989 in
Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland. Trimble and Halliday met while in grammar school and while in high school they met baird, who was flirting with some of Trimble and Halliday's female acquaintances.

The trio formed a band called "Life Wihtout Rory" and entered a band competition.

They recorded three demos and disbanded. They then reunited under a new band.

"Two Door Cinema Club" became the groups name due to Sam's misprounouncing the local theater's name, "Tudor Cinema" After listening to Nirvana's album, "Nevermind" non stop,
Alex's father went into his room and asked him if he wanted a guitar. He learned how to play the album and what spurred him to want to be a singer for a rock band. Following the release of Beacon, the band released a four-part tour documentary entitled What We See. Filmed by Gregg Houston from Babysweet Sessions. Bassist Baird explained, in relation to the film: "Our good friends at Babysweet followed us around for a few weeks so our fans could get an idea of what life is really like for us on the road. Take a peek inside our average day." On 25 November 2010, the track "What You Know" was released as a free download on Tap Tap Revenge 3, and has also appeared in Tap Tap Revenge and Tap Tap Revenge 4. "Undercover Martyn" was featured on the soundtrack of Gran Turismo 5, while "I Can Talk" is featured on the soundtrack of FIFA 11 and NBA 2K11. The song "Sleep Alone" appears on the FIFA 13 soundtrack. Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club both combine guitar riffs and the electronic vibes too their songs. TDCC's song, "I Can Talk" and Phoenix's song, "Entertainment" are similiar in that the songs have an equal combination of real instruments and the electric keyboard I CAN TALK ENTERTAINMENT Works Cited http://www.ameliasmagazine.com/music/two-door-cinema-club-an-interview/2009/10/27/
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