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Julius .M Davila

No description

Julius Davila

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Julius .M Davila

Julius M. Davila
Born: May,20,2002 in San Antonio Tx.
I attended East Terrell Hills ES from kinder through 5th grade. I'm at STEM because I want to become an engineer and I think being here will help me with my goals of attending Texas A&M. My hobbies: are playing PS3 with my two brothers, building lego's, playing my
instruments, going hunting and fishing.
Veronica Cazares
Born October 17, 1975 in San Antonio Texas. The first of her family to be born in American.
She has two younger brothers: Dennis and Pedro Jr. She is the first to graduate from high school and college out of her family.
Maria de los Angeles Walle
Born Feb. 7, 1956 in Ciudad Victora Tamaulipas Mexico the youngest of 12.
Pedro Guadalupe Cazares Sr.
Born Dec. 25, 1954 in Reynosa Tamaulipas Mexico the oldest of 11.
Angela Balboa & Lorenzo Walle
where both born in Mexico until there dieing days; as well as most of all their children.
Matilde Gonzales & Celestino Cazares where both born in Spain and arrived with there parents as refugees to Mexico after the war. As adults they moved to the U.S. with there three eldest children, then had eight more.
Ernest Timothy Davila
Sept. 25, 1974 - Jan. 27, 2002
Born in Brownsville Texas and lived there until he joined the military. He than moved around till he arrived in San Antonio Tx where he spent his last days.
Maria Guadalupe Davila
Born Brownsville Tx as all her brothers and sisters until they married.
Ernesto Garcia
Born and raced in Brownsville Tx. where he still resides as a retired Marine.
I don't have anymore information on this side of the family.
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