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Why our school should have a fruit vending machine

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Mr Wardrop

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of Why our school should have a fruit vending machine

Why our school should have a fruit vending machine
If our school had a fruit vending machine, then we will be able to purchase new equipment for classes, more sports equipment, and other necessary things that can provide our school with better equipment.
Facts about fruits
Extra benefits of a fruit vending machine.
They can gets lots of money from kids' money for a good cause. Maybe a swimming pool for our school would be nice ;)
Normal vending machines
Normal vending machines contain junk food, such as chocolate and soft drinks, BUT...

A fruit vending machine contains fresh, healthy fruit. It still tastes the same, sweet and yummy :)
Teachers will enjoy watching kids eating fruit and trying to be healthy. This can be extremely useful for teachers too, to enjoy fresh fruit right from the safest place to get them. The school itself.
A fruit vending machine can provide students with fresh fruit. It can be an alternative to getting junk food from the canteen, the fruit is fresh as always!
Where we should have our vending machines
A nice spot for the vending machine to be is the library. Kids can use their pocket change on fruit to eat while ready a book.
Fruit vending machine!
By Yuan Qian

1. People who eat fruit as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a reduced risk of chronic diseases.
2. Fruit contains lots of vitamins which keep you healthy.
3. Fruit contains energy to keep you alert and energized for sport.
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