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Taking a Gap Year in Ukraine

Short presentation for English lesson

Bohdan Pshenychka

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Taking a Gap Year in Ukraine

Taking a gap year in Ukraine What is a GAP YEAR?
Can we define it? The decision to grant sabbatical students taking the head of the educational institution Gap year provides an opportunity for students: Disadvantages Thorough research and smart planning can be an excellent way of developing skills which are highly valued by potential employers. Self-reliance
Managing money and making plans
Thinking time
Course-related experience
Money to study
Broaden outlook
vacation, provided the student or senior secondary vocational school for medical reasons and in other cases The grounds for issuing the order is:
other exceptional cases - the personal statement of the student and a document certifying the reason for academic leave, indicating the reason.
medical reasons - personal request of the student and the conclusion of the expert committee of clinical health care;
to solve their problems (health or other),
to prepare for training,
rest of education
other Teaching abroad
Voluntary / Charity work
Conservation projects
Sports activities
Learn a Language / short courses
Other skills courses e.g. Journalism
Advantages Time/year behind
Continuity/loss of momentum
The main disadvantage gap year is a student misses an important year of study. Thank you for your attention!
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