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What Makes for Excellent Learning?

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Sarah Blakemore

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of What Makes for Excellent Learning?

What Makes for
Excellent Learning? Learning Objectives.
Learning objectives should get straight to the point of the lesson and should be realistic.

Reading the objective aloud gives students a chance to acknowledge what they are expected to learn.

Recap the objective at the end of the lesson to consolidate learning. OFSTED
Assess learning accurately to support and sharpen learning
Use results to plan lessons that improve learning
Set realistic and challenging targets
Exemplary marking applied consistently across the school
Define what outstanding learning is and share this concept across the school "The quality of learning is good rather than outstanding." Ofsted. Definition. Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. From the learners' perspective Communication objectives feedback Our targets: In the classroom. Different learning styles.
Teaching methods
Learning objectives. Continue catering for different learning styles. In doing this, remember that technology is vital, but can be overused. Learning styles & teaching methods. Outside the classroom. Most students prefer learning outside the classroom.

Trips have the potential to consolidate learning and evoke interest in a subject.

Deep Learning Days
Should extend the lesson and reinforce learning and even give students the opportunity to gain extra knowledge. Extension tasks should challenge more able students and all work should be marked with detailed feedback. Assessment. Assessment should be an ongoing part of learning
Self assessment
Make them apply their knowledge
Recap sessions Revision. Students are unclear about which topics to revise Make resources available Effective notes What makes for excellent learning? Samia & Sarah Have a range of activities from lesson to lesson, but don't try to make lessons 'fun', try to make them engaging and memorable (for the right reasons)! Involving as many students as possible will help to create a positive attitude towards learning.
Happy teachers = happy learners
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