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Mister Jagger

No description

Toni Rayo 45

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Mister Jagger

Mister Jagger
Who is Mr.Jagger?
He's one of the most popular youtube.
He has nonsense humor.
He makes some very complete and with excellent image quality videos.
This videos are made in an abandoned house that it is full of graffites.
He plays different characters:
Finzo and Funzo, Jessica, lovely Jagger and woman Jagger.
Finzo and Funzo
Finzo and Funzo is a miniseries with ten chapters.
Main characters are two brothers, who are lost in the field and they can't not leave from there.
Finzo, one of the brothers, found several strange objects that have a role throughout the series.
The other brother is intelligent and he proposes ideas to escape of the forest.
Jessica and Woman Jagger
These two women are sluts in every way.
They have fast a little femininity, farts and burps are shot do not wear panties

"Cocina con Jagger"
Cook with Jagger his cookings, Jagger kitchen is where food randomly.
Is where je cook his meal Christmas dishes.
The ingredients are:
- Jam - Flour - Grated Cheese - Pepsi
- Mustard from Mcdonalds - Ferrero rocher (only the paper) - Tabasco - Napkin
- Gin - Christmas Lights - Beard Mr..Jagger.
And my favorite
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