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what kind of animals did the iroquois hunt and how did they hunt or catch them

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abby ingram

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of what kind of animals did the iroquois hunt and how did they hunt or catch them

The Iroquois also used other ways of hunting other than setting up traps. They used bows and arrows to kill many animals but the bow and arrow were usually and mostly used to kill Buffalo and Deer
How did the Iroquois hunt the animals?
Some other animals they hunted were

What kind of animals did the Iroquois hunt and how did they hunt or catch them?
Some animals the Iroquois hunted
The Iroquois hunted many animals. They hunted birds, small animals, large hoofed animals and fish. They hunted birds such as turkeys, geese, and other birds that lived on the ground. They also hunted smaller animals such as raccoons and possums
They hunted foxes, wolves, and porcupines. They hunted deer and bison too and weird fish.

The Iroquois were very smart when it came to traps.
The Iroquois made all sorts of traps one of them was a small snare trap.
To catch fish the Iroquois built a v-shaped fence across a river. They pushed the fish into the fence with a big rake that was powered by horses on the opposite side of the fence. Then the fisherman speared the fish
Another way they caught fish was
More about hunting
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