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How to play rust like a MLG pro

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Peter Miller

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of How to play rust like a MLG pro

How to play Rust
Rust is a REAL DEAL SURVIVAL SIMULATOR, it is challenging and not a run-of-the mill game. You have to have quick reflexes and quick thinking.
Step 1, getting rust
Here's what you do: First you google steam, You go on first page, you go to the far right which has a install dialogue box, and then, after you pay for it (which means you either have the money yourself or you obtain it from your parents) you can install Rust.
After you connect to a game server, you press ESC. You will then have options which allow you to configure the game according to your likes.
Step 3, How to live as an effective man with just leaf pants
In this game, you start out by wearing leaf pants once. Ridiculous, I know, but this is how it begins. And here, it's serious business

The first thing you're going to notice is your health, food, and radiation bar. These 3 things, are the key bars of survival. Now when you spawn in, you're going to need to eat, That is all you need to never ever die from natural causes. So what you do is, you need to stay near the road, or at least find the road. If you go out of the road and into the wastelands, you only find wood. The road is where animals, wood piles, and rocks spawn. Animals give food, fuel, and cloth,all of which you need for food and clothing. Rocks give metal and sulfur, which you use to make metal bases and guns, and wood piles which give 50 to 100 wood, compared to trees which take 2 minutes longer and give only 10 wood. The highest level you can reach is a 2500 hunger level. The lowest is 0. If you go down to level 0, you will be starving and you will expire quickly. In order to reach the highest level, you have to do the following: get 5 wood, from a tree; you will then hunt and eat an animal, like a hog, deer, chicken or rabbit (most of us eat meat, the difference in this game is that, instead of getting it at a fast food joint, you are intimately involved in the process of getting food. For some reason, no matter what animal you hunt down, you will receive chicken meat. I believe this is because the game is still under development and the game developers have not gotten around to differentiating the animal meats. You will also start the game out having to obtain a crafting table, blueprints and kits. Look into the survival area of the crafting tab, and then make a campfire put 5 wood in it, now stick in some CHICKEN and wait 2 minutes, this will produce cooked chicken meat, When eaten, It will provide 500 calories (hunger)

Why not just eat it raw?, Because that will posion you, Take down 20 health, and take down hunger by 100, it aint worth it.

. Once you obtain the know how on keeping yourself fed, You can go around the map smacking anything that moves and taking there stuff and live as a effective scavenger. There's more to the game than just that.

step 4, surviving.
Now to survive better you need to understand, the terrain: Rad towns, Valleys, forests, and coasts, and rock mountains.

Now radtowns give off radiation which at 500 will kill you. In radtowns you can get rare stuff, which can't be crafted at first, they can be found in color crates. According to the color you can determine what kind of item you will get. Valleys are the areas around the road in which resources can be found covered around by rock mountains
Now rock mountains are don't have mineral rocks around like you expect, but they are filled is full of various paths, and taking the paths can help you avoid enemies. Some radtowns can be identified because they will appear on the game map with details in there design, Such as a tower or barn or walls or maybe even a road going through it, There are coasts, Which are the water surrounding the map from the left and right sides to the south, There is a medium amount of resources, Enough to get by, Main reason for use here being the ocean, Of which if you are attacked and you don't want your enemy to get anything, You will typically jump into the water, giving your enemy nothing

also radtowns look like Puma gastations. Moving on . . .

Step 5, Surviving as a man on 5 hour energy going on a hiking trip to the Andes mountains
It's time to build a base and all the goodies you need for it,

Now to start off you have a rock, 2 bandages, and a torch, You will need to constantly get resources and move them to your home base, At first, Your going to have to do with a shack of which I will detail:
First you need to build a wooden shack with a wooden door. This will cost 60 wood each, near the center of a valley, never next to the road. If you do that, you will raided quick by bandits trying to take your money. In order to avoid that, then make a wooden storage box inside which again will cost 30 wood, to store extra suff and such, make sure to also build a sleeping bag, which requires 15 cloth, which will respawn you inside the shack and will take 5 minutes for another respawn, So you don't have to go across half the map looking for your shack, and a furnace, which requires 20 animal fat and 30 cloth to build 10 low grade fuel of which you add onto with 15 stones and 30 wood, Furnaces are required to burn meta ore and sulfur ore, as to build metal tools and buildings and ammunition and bombs, and a crafting bench, which takes 50 wood and 7 stones, it increases the speed of which items can be built, as shown in a status condition *Workbench level 1* highlighted green on your survival bar. Now once You have acquired 380 wood and 200 metal fragments, You can build a relatively safer building.
Step 6, How to Advance in the Game
Once you obtain enough resources and build a house, you will be able to venture far more out into the game map other then your own valley. There are enemy players known as bandits looking for loot., dangerous animals like bears and wolfs from which if approached will give to a long chase that if you consistently run away from will which end in 3 minutes, and other threats that can get you killed. You just have to increase your protection and armory to advance onto more dangerous and lucrative areas such as radiated zones which give off radiation, and continue getting resources, you should always go out with a atleast a hatchet and a bow with 20 arrows, most hostile animals take 2-4 arrows to go down and a one on one with a wolf with a hatchet will leave you the winner with 20 percent health left, more then one wolf is certain death, and a bear, not a chance. after you have gotton a wealthy amount of resources, venture on a radiated forest or radtown, of which rad animals will spawn, they are simply red coloured versions of the regular wolf and bear, only they deal more damage yet have less health, upon killing they will drop a green backpack with 1-3 items. either give a consumable, shown below, like the delicious granola bar, or a large quantity of a regular item, like gunpowder. or might drop a research kit or blueprint. A blueprint can be used at any time and will allow you to know how to make that item, It can range anywhere from a gun to kevlar body armour, But will only research the item of which it is named, Like a 9mm pistol blueprint will only let you add a 9mm pistol to your building options. Research kits allow you to start researching items not buildable under your crafting bar, and can be used on any item not currently in your crafting bar except consumables. and when used at a workbench to have the ability to craft it, such as metal building parts, which are more durable to bombs and the liking. like this thing:
Step 7, How to survive in Rust.
You need to learn how to deal with the rust communities. Like any online gaming, there are nice people and not so nice people. Avoid those. The rust communities consist of good samaritans, bandits, and trolls, tons and tons of trolls.

Now when you first see a player, Scream with your Mic Button as loud as possible *I AM FRIENDLY!* if he does not have a weapon up and says *FRIENDLY* as well, You can rest be assured hes a good guy, and possibly invite him to your house and become partners in a coffee shop, Run away as quickly as possible or attack him and get his stuff

But, to acquire the LARGEST quantity of stuff, you need go to a airdrop.

A airdrop is when a cargo plane enters the game and drops off 1-3 crates of supplies, which carry either of 2 things: building materials, or explosive materials, Most want the explosive materials, known as literaly *explosive* which is used to make C4, a material of which can break wood and metal buildings far less costly than a grenade would cost,

Since there are people playing who will attack you, what you want to do is buddy up with a couple of people to win both the players gear and the gear in the crate, open up the crate while the other 2 guard it, and once the crate is done, get the heck out of Dodge.
General information
Rust is a massive online survival simulator video game produced by face punch studios, The aim of the game is to survive by getting materials and equipment around the map, in which dangerous animals radiation and players will get in the way and or help in your never ending quest to gain supremacy in the jungle, You will have to craft your home, Learn your surroundings, and generally be good at getting through the obstacles of life
Why do I play rust and why should you?
The reason I have played rust for such a GIGANTIC loads of times is because of the stylized realistic value of the game in relation to the scenario of this situation, and for its complex appliance of human nature in relation to one another in a world with not a abundance of materials, hope to see you on the valley.
FYI: Don't go into a house with a door open.
Professional building video.
These woodland creatures just want to hug you like a teddy bear, of course they don't shower so they must be attacked in martial arts.
Make sure to be respectful to these beautiful creatures of nature.

4 Pillars.


3 Walls.


Metal door.
This is you, And that tool there is being carried by a gentlemen.
Protip, Don't trust everyone
Wood pile
The 1x1 is the default safe house, With melee weapons unable to break through the house, Unlike a shack which takes around 5 minutes with a single person using a pickaxe/hatchet and being extremely acceptable to bombs, through bandits will often save up bombs for more worthy targets, Now the 1x1 will provoide enough space to build up the rest of the indoor utilties, and also provoide space for expansion, as long as you don't put walls on every side, The base can constantly advance onto bigger buildings.
Sleeping bag and storage box
Bench and furnance.
blueprint and research kit
granola bar
green packback dropped from a rad animal.
A players attitude towards others can be identified by his gear, a leaf pants wearing freshspawn is more concerned with himself and will typically restrain themselves to setting up a house, ignoring others, however trolls with names like Billy Douglas and batman and other humerus names will often appear as a freshspawn and ask for chicken from a friendly player, only to take a M4/Pipe shotgun and kill them while they accessing there inventory, Kevlar and rad suit armored players, (like the gentlemen at the bottom) Will often kill anyone that is not there own, Or will toy with a freshspawn (Such as telling them they will give them some *ammo* of which they shoot them in the head, Thus, giving them *some ammo*) And should be avoided at all costs, If spotted by them, If you run away for 3 minutes they will get bored and move on to the next victim.
These poor lot of fools is about to get a welcoming from the community
A airdrop crate
A airdrop, Notice the cargo plane to the left, (Not that many crates in the actual game, just 1-3)
A group of bandits rushing for a airdrop, They will typically not have there guard up until they reach the drop, which is ample opportunity to snipe them.
Sometimes, A group of freshspawns will group around some campfires and attempt to make a living, These often fail due to the low amount of discipline and informal matter of them, Often leading to a single bandit massacring the whole group, It is advised to stay near these groups and take everything off the corpses like a sparrow eating a carcass and get out of doge.
Typical rust adventure.
Lockpick, No purpose so far
Torch, Used to illiuminate a area for 5 minutes,
Flare, Same as torch but lasts longer and can be thrown and has a larger radius
Rock, Default item, Used to attack others and gather resources.
Stone hatchet, Same as rock, But gathers faster, But grabs less and does less damage.
Hatchet, Enhanced version of the stone hatchet, Being the fastest melee weapon in the game.
Pickaxe, Same speed as rock, But does most damage and grabs most resources.
Supply signal, Spawns a airdrop on the area it was thrown in, Appears as a grenade.
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