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GCSE Design Technology

Year 11 Coursework 2009

gareth case

on 11 November 2009

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Transcript of GCSE Design Technology

Design Technology Sherif Salem A2 AS Mood Lamps GCSE Design Technology
Kavian Lahooti laptop store and portable work surface Clarissa Ebdonteen’s illuminating storage pod Anas Syed shower curtain seal Sara Zafra-Shuker lounge games unit Toby Watts USB tidy stack Sahil Tourani easy diner Ed Hossell golf utility belt Namita Cariappa artist’s flexi-store Lois Britnor shower caddy Zach Tarrant Taylor snack pods Phelim Dunleavy porta-golf caddy Kabir Tourani in-car apparel store Alex Snaas skateboarder’s bedside unit Sherif Salem lazy snack tray Olivia Withers multi-use coffee table Jack Fantham film animation unit Dinesh Chugani media storage unit Greg Shore multipurpose work unit Elliott Denham wakeboard carrier Sophie McKeever children’s toy store Jamie Eldridge hiker’s audio set Patrick Tansey CD tidy Daniel Fahim homework aid Alex Gowans cling-on shelf Josh Doak modular room divide Mohammed Al-Hasso snowboard anti-theft system Ben Allison kart maintenance stand Josh Allison occasional chair Tom Pollock drummer’s buddy

Amanda Cheng Decorative reading lamp Sofia Vyas Fernandes Teenage lamp Marie Al Rustom Child’s Gobo lamp Megan Jones Decorative lounge lamp Sohan Rodrigues Corner calming lamp Sarah Cheetham Linear table lamp Sohanna Srinivasan Corner shadow lamp James Nielsen Soothing desk lamp Alexa Soar Sail mate (senior DT prize special mention) Maxine Machado Portable Ballet Barre (senior DT prize) Ilona DeBono Fashionable orthopaedic footwear Daniel Fernandes Portable Laptop protector Diosa Taylor Artist’s resource store Eloise Rowe Artist’s workstation (outstanding design talent prize) Issam Ashur Secret shelf storage Ciara Sheikh art storage unit
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